Cornish Language and Literature Resources

Cornish Language Page
Brief history, current state and advice on learning the language in Australia, plus information on Kevren, a Cornish newsletter for Australians.
Gwyasva Golvan
NJA Williams presents lectures, essays and poems in or about the Cornish Language.
the successful Cornish language correspondence Course
WELCOME to the online home of Kernewek Dre Lyther, the successful Cornish language correspondence course now available via the Internet.
A Small Taste of the Cornish Language
Modern Cornish is that form of the Cornish language which was last spoken traditionally in West Cornwall during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. I.
Best Cornish Links
Cornish language and culture.
Welcome to the Celtic & Cornish Web Page of the Dunkerley Family of Epping, Australia.
Kevren Cornish Language Page
A Map of Cornwall - home of Kernewek - the Cornish Language!

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