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English Cornish Dictionary - Cornish English Dictionary
English Cornish and Cornish English Dictionary.
English Cornish Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
English.Cornish Dictionary – Errata Cumulative, as of 2003.01.26.
Cornish language
If you ever fancied learning some of the Cornish language now is your opportunity.
Gerlyver Kernewek
The online dictionary of Cornish. Gerlyver warlinen a Gernewek.The dictionary is written in the Standard Written Form of Cornish. Akademi Kernewek is recognised by Cornwall Council as the definitive body responsible for corpus planning for the Cornish language.
An English - Cornish Glossary (PDF document)
Glossary in the Standard Written Form by Albert Bock, Benjamin Bruch, Neil Kennedy, Daniel Prohaska, and Laurence Rule.
Lexicon Cornish
Lexicon of the Cornish Language - This lexicon currently lists 4,477 English words with their Cornish equivalents, including gender and, for some words, plural. It is only a word list, and not a dictionary, as no definitions or parts of speech are noted.
Glossary of Cornish Folklore
Glossary For Cornish Folklore on Gandolf dot Com.
Ancient Cornish (Google eBook)
Archaeologia Cornu-Britannica; Or, An Essay to Preserve the Ancient Cornish ...by William Pryce.
Glossary Cornish names
Glossary of Cornish names, ancient and modern, local, family, personal, &c.: 20,000 Celtic and other names, now or formerly in use in Cornwall: by Bannister, John:
The Cornish Language
The Cornish Language - An Tavas Kernewek - Cornish language survives today.
Cornish Dictionary
English Cornish dictionary.
English-Cornish Dictionary
English-Cornish Dictionary - Gerlyver Sawsnek-Kernowek.
Grammatica celtica (Google eBook)
E monumentis vetustis tam hibernicae linguae ..., Band 2 - by Johann Kaspar Zeuss.
Dictionary ancient Celtic (Google eBook)
Lexicon cornu-britannicum: a dictionary of the ancient Celtic language of Cornwall.
The ancient language and the dialect of Cornwall
With an enlarged glossary of Cornish provincial words : also an appendix, containing a list of writers on Cornish dialect, and additional information about Dolly Pentreath, the last known person who spoke the ancient Cornish as her mother tongue.
Cornish dictionary
Llanstephan 84, or the Geirlyer Kyrn?eig, as it is called is a Cornish dictionary compiled by the scholar Edward Lhuyd at the beginning of the eighteenth century.
Patronymica Cornu-Britannica (Google eBook)
E monumentis vetustis tam hibernicae linguae ..., Band 2 - by Johann Kaspar Zeuss.
Cornish Language Phrases
Omniglot - The Cornish Language Online.
Middle Breton leiff
Middle Cornish ly ‘Breakfast, Lunch‘.
Seasonal Phrases Cornish
The Cornish Language - Seasonal Phrases.

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