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Find Translation for words and phrases from Kurdish to English and English to Kurdish Dictionary.

English-Kurdish Dictionary
Kanyaw English-Kurdish Dictionary.
Kurdish Multilingual Dictionary
Ferheng.org: Online multilingual dictionary for Kurdish- English, Kurdish- German and Kurdish- Turkish.
English - Kurdish Dictionary (Word Document)
MEDIA WORDS: The Journalist's English - Kurdish Dictionary Written by Anna Zayer.
English Kurdish Dictionary
Online Dictionary Software by Babylon: English Kurdish v1.1 by Galip, Kurdish English v1.1 by Galip, Kurdî - Türkçe (Simple Kurdish - Turkish Glossary) and Türkçe - Kurdî (Simple Turkish - Kurdish Glossary).
Kurdish-English Vocabulary Quizzes
Bilingual Vocabulary Quizzes (Kurdish-English Study Materials, ESL, EFL).
Ferheng - Dinctionary - Wörtebuch - Sözlük.
English - Kurdish dictionary and Kurdish - English Dictionary
Free English-Kurdish and Kurdish-English on-line dictionaries.
English Kurdish Dictionary (PDF Document)
English Kurdish Dictionary of Legal Terms.
English-Kurdish Dictionary
A scientific dictionary in weblog form for Kurdish (Sorani)-English.
English Kurdish Dictionary
English-Kurdish Dictionary Mujde Rashid.
Home of the Kurdish Dictionaries
Online Kurdish-English and English-Kurdish dictionary. They offer Kurdish and Turkish dictionaries online and for downloading and hope to contribute to creating even better dictionaries: English <> Kurdish (~ 4.300 entries), German <> Kurdish (ca. 9.000 entries) & German <> Turkish (ca. 36.000) in one package, Turkish <> Kurdish (ca. 25.000 entries).
English-Kurdish Dictionary
English -> Kurdish Dictionary by Mujde Rashid - A to Z Dictionary.
alfbe - IT Dictionary
Glossary of IT terms in Sorani and Kurmanji.
Kurdish Dictionary (PDF Document)
Assyrian, Kurdish and Yizidis Dictionary.
English-Kurdish Dictionary
Kurdish language as one of the great Indo-European languages (The branches of Indo-European still represented today by one or more languages.).
Free downloadable Kurdish-English and English-Kurdish dictionary for Windows.
English-Kurdish and Kurdish-English Dictionaries
Wordlists English-Kurdish and Kurdish-English. About 1000 entries.
Sorani Kurdish (PDF Document)
Sorani Kurdish— A Reference Grammar with Selected Readings's.
English-Kurdish Dictionary
English- Kurdish "Scientific" Dictionary.
IT Kurdish Dictionary
Glossary of IT terms in Sorani and Kurmanji.

Other Kurdish Dictionary Translation

Dict.info Kurdish Dictionaries
Kurdish bilingual dictionary often has more entries than Kurdish dictionary.
Gerdi World Dictionary
downloadable German-Kurdish software dictionary.
Swedish-Kurdish Glossary
Mujde Rashid's Swedish-Kurdish Glossary - svensk-kurdisk ordbok.
Norwegian-Kurdish (Kurmanji)
search for a word in Norwegian LEXIN: Norwegian-Kurdish Dictionary.
Norwegian-Kurdish (Sorani)
search for a word in Norwegian LEXIN: Norwegian-Kurdish Dictionary.
Swedish-Kurmandji Dictionary
a Bilingual Swedish-Kurmandji Dictionary from Lexin (in Swedish).
wedish-Kurdish Dictionary
Swedish -> Kurdish Dictionary by Mujde Rashid - A to Z Dictionary.
Swedish-Sorani Dictionary
a Bilingual Swedish-Sorani Dictionary from Lexin (in Swedish).
Kurdish Dictionary
Kurdish, French, Turkish and English Dictionary.
Kurdish-Turkish Dictionary
Kurdish-Turkish Dictionary Online Türkçe Kürtçe Sözlük


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