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Learn Kurdish free online with Kurdish lessons in grammar, Kurdish Courses, Tutorial, vocabulary, useful phrases, pronunciation and other Materials. Kurdish language resources to help you learn Kurdish vocabulary fast and for free!

Dersa Kurdî
Kurdish Video Lessons.
Grammar of the Kurmanji
Grammar of the Kurmanji or Kurdish Language by E.B. Soane.
Kurdish language
Begin the games for learning the Kurdish language.
Kurmanji Dialect
An Introductory Course on Kurdish Language [Kurmanji dialect] (Kurdish-English) by F. R. Akrawy, Burhan Dinler.
Kurdish Academy of Language
Kurdish Academy of Language - enables the Kurdish language in new horizon.
Kurdish Language and Linguistics
Standardization of Kurdish - Kurdish Linguistics - Kurdish Dictionaries - Teaching/Learning Kurdish - Kurdish Corpus - Kurdish Scripts - Kurdish Language Engineering - Kurdish Linguistic Right - Kurdish Folklore, Idioms and Literature.
Kurmanji Kurdish
Kurmanji Kurdish For The Beginners (in downloadable PDF format).
Kurdish Central
This site provides a central place for listing many of the Sorani language learning tools which are available online.
Kurdish Unified Alphabet
The list of the Kurdish Unified Alphabet (Yekgirtú) with audio pronunciation of vowels.
Sorani Kurdish (PDF Document)
A Reference Grammar with Selected Readings.
Kurdish Grammar (in Kurdish)
Reference: Grammar of Kurdish, Ahmad qazi, salahedin ayobi Publications, Urmia, Iran, .

Online Kurdish-Language Resources:

Kurdish Keyboard OnlineKurdish Keyboard Online
Kurdish Dictionary OnlineKurdish Grammar
Kurdish Languages ResourcesKurdish Learning
Kurdish PhrasesKurdish Vocabulary

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