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Grammar Kurdish (Scribd ebook)
Kurdish Grammar Bedirxan.
Grammar Kurdish (in downloadable PDF format)
Kurdish grammar by Celadet Ali Bedir-Xan.
Grammar Kurdish (in downloadable PDF format)
Kurmanji Kurdish: A Reference Grammar with Selected Readings W. M. Thackston
Kurmanji Kurdish
The material on this site is intended for teaching and learning.
Elementary Kurmanji Grammar
This sketch of elementary Kurmanji is intended primarily for the use of officers and others whose duties leads them to the southern districts of Kurdistan.
Grammar Kurdish
Grammar Of The Kurmanji Or Kurdish Language.
Kurdish Grammar
The syntactic structure of language, like the phonological, morphological and semantic systems, undergoes varying degrees of change (codification) in the process of standardization.
Kurdish Grammar
A Practical Kurdish Grammar by Fossum.
Kurdish Grammar (in Kurdish)
Reference: Grammar of Kurdish, Ahmad qazi, salahedin ayobi Publications, Urmia, Iran, ..
Sorani Kurdish
Sorani Kurdish Reference Grammar.

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