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Quechua English Dictionary Free Online Translation

Bolivian Quechua - English Dictionar
Bolivian Quechua - English Dictionary, Spoken Quechua, Betanzos, Bolivia.
Quechua Dictionary
Dictionary Quechua - Inca Culture - Quechua - Inka - Aymara.
Diccionario del Quechua ancashino
Francisco Carranza Romero: Diccionario Quechua Ancashino - Castellano.
Quechua - French Dictionary
Dictionnaire quechua-français (diccionario quechua-francés).
Quechua-English dictionary
Bolivian Quechua English dictionary and English Bolivian Quechua dictionary.
Quichua Spanish Dictionary
El Quichua De Santiago Del Estero Diccionario Quichua - Castellano.
Dictionary of Quichua
Contributions towards a grammar and dictionary of Quichua (1864)


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