Dictionary between Slovene/Slovenian and English Translation Online

English - Slovene dictionary - Slovene - English Dictionary
English-Slovene and Slovene English Wordlists. HTML-File.
English to Slovenian Glossary
Glosar medicinskih izrazov (Darja FiŠer) - English to Slovenian Glossary of medical terms.
Free Online English to Slovenian Translators
Translate text and web pages between English and Slovenian online for free.
Slovene-English Dictionary
English/Slovene dictionary of computer science.
English-Slovenian Dictionary
Here's a free English-Slovenian dictionary.
Megiser's Dictionary (1744)
Megiser's Dictionary (1744) - Slovenian Normalized-Orthography Reverse Dictionary.
Basic Slovene Phrases
Central & Eastern European Languages: Basic Phrase for eastern european languages.
Glosar EIONET-SI o okolju (XLS)
English-Slovenian Glossary.
Slovenian French Dictionary
Dictionnaire Slovène Français / Slovenski Francoski Slovar online / Slovenian French dictionary.
Multilingual Slovene Dictionary Pons
Multilingual Dictionaries, spelling and translation of texts.
Slovarji Dictionaries
Dictionaries of Slovene Language.
Slovenian English Waterfall Dictionary
Slovenia has many nature beauties and waterfalls are one of them.
Biochemical Slovenian
Terminology Committee of Slovenian Biochemical Society.

Dictionary of Slovenian
Reverse Dictionary of Slovenian language.
Dictionary Slovenian (PDF Document)
Dictionary, Pronounciation and Conversational Phrases.
Slovenian-English Dictionary
German English French Italian Spanish Russian Slovenian Dictionary.
English Slovene Dictionary
A complete pronouncing dictornary of the English and Slovene languages (1919).
Slovenian for Travelers
Slovenian for Travelers By Miran Hladnik and Toussaint Hoćevar.
Slovenian Glossary
Slovenian-English-German Glossary Floristry.
Slovenian Dictionary
Slovenian Dictionary - Slovenian Language.
Slovenian Dictionary
Najdi Slovenian Mulilingual Dictionary.
Slovenian-English Dictionary (PDF Document)
Slovenian Dictionary Jerzy Kazojc (c) copyright 2011.
Dictionary Slovenian
Dictionary of the Slovenian Language.
Slovenian Math Glossary
Math Glossary Slovenian-English-German-French-Russian ...
Slovar dictionary (PDF Document)
Slovar - The dictionary Slovenian English Dutch French Danish ...
Slovnik Dictionary
Slovenian Dictionary List

Other Slovenian Dictionary Translation

Slovenian-Hungarian Dictionary
Online Slovenian-Hungarian Dictionary - Slovensko-madžarski in madžarsko slovenski on-line slovar.
Slovene-Dutch dictionary
Sloveens-Nederlands - Nederlands-Sloveens woordenboek

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