Slovene Language and Literature Resources

Slovene is spoken in the following countries: Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Hungary and Serbia.

SDJT: the Slovenian Language Technologies Society.
The etymology of Ljubljana – Laibach
The etymology of the name of the Slovene capital Ljubljana and its Ger-man equivalent Laibach is a much discussed subject in the scholarly lite-rature.
Slovene Linguistic Studies
Slovenski jezik.
About Slovenian language (Scribd ebook)
O Slovenskem Jeziku.
Slovene Language
Language name: Slovenian, Slovene. Self-denomination: slovenski jezik, slovenŠćina.
About Slovenian language
O Slovenskem Jeziku.
Slovene-English Parallel Corpus
The IJS-ELAN corpus contains 1 million words from 15 parallel Slovene-English / English-Slovene texts.
Place Names (PDF)
Slovene Place Names with the Suffix -ina: Some Difficult Cases and Implications for South Slavic Onomastics.
Slovenian Language Collections.
Slovenian Links
Language Study - Dictionaries & Translation Tools - Literature
Slovene dialect
The second Proto–Slavic palatalisation in Slovene dialect morphophonology and the etymology of špik "mountain top".

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