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Langenscheidt Polish Dictionary

Langenscheidt Polish Dictionary: Polish - English English - Polish (Langenscheidt's Pocket Dictionary) (Paperback)
A convenient reference for writers, students, and businesspeople-anyone who needs the right word at the right time. Poetry, prose, and a nine-letter pizza toping . . . When you're looking for a word, pull it out of one of our Pockets.

Paperback:  678 pages
Language:  Polish
ISBN:  1585734152
Author/Editor:  by Langenscheidt (Editor)

Langenscheidt Polish Dictionary
Polish-English, English-Polish Dictionary

Polish-English English-Polish Dictionary (Hippocrene Concise Dictionary)

Paperback:  239 pages
Language:  English
ISBN:  0781801338
Author/Editor:  by Iwo C. Pogonowski (Author)

Polish-English English-Polish Dictionary
The New Oxford Picture Dictionary English Polish

The New Oxford Picture Dictionary English Polish: English/Polish Edition (Oxford American English) (Paperback)

Paperback:  152 pages
Language:  English
ISBN:  0194346501
Author/Editor:  by E. C. Parnwell (Author)

The New Oxford Picture Dictionary English Polish
Wiedza Powszechna Compact Polish and English Dictionary

Defines approximately 30,000 words and phrases used in English and Polish.

Paperback:  720 pages
Language:  English
ISBN:  0844283673
Author/Editor:  by Janina Jaslan (Author)

Wiedza Powszechna Compact Polish and English Dictionary
Oxford-PWN Polish-English English-Polish Dictionary

The Oxford-PWN Polish-English English-Polish Dictionary is a unique collaboration between Oxford University Press and Polish Scientific Publishers PWN. In two beautifully presented volumes consisting of 400,000 words and phrases, and 600,000 translations, it offers up-to-date coverage of today's language, including business, specialist and technical vocabulary, and detailed coverage of idioms, slang, and formal language. It includes thousands of example sentences, based on actual English and Polish usage, which show how the language works in context. With Polish material taken from the PWN Corpus of Polish, a huge databank of real Polish, and English language material derived from the Oxford English Corpus, a multi-million word databank of real English, this dictionary brings together the authority and expertise of two of the world's major reference publishers. The result is the most comprehensive English and Polish dictionary available; suitable for university level and beyond, and essential for anyone working between English and Polish.

Hardcover:   2944 pages
Language:  English
ISBN:  0198610750
Author/Editor:  by Jadwiga Linde-usiekniewicz (Editor)

Oxford-PWN Polish-English English-Polish Dictionary

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