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Polish is spoken in the following countries: Poland, Belarus, Ukraine.

Polish Language and Poetry Resources
Polish can be learnt from books, tapes, courses and CDs, available at multilingual, worldlanguage, arthur lynn, rosetta stone, language quest, pimsleur, accelerated learning and unforgettable languages.
The Polish Language Program
Polish Language Links - Online Resources - Some Internet Dictionarie.
On Polish noun inflexion (PDF document) New
From morpheme to paradigm by Bernd Wiese.
E. L. Easton - Languages - Polish
Online dictionaries, grammars, phrase books and literature.
Dialect Polish
Polish has regional dialects, Greater Polish, Lesser Polish, Masovian and Silesian.
Polish Auxiliary Constructions (PDF document) New
A New HPSG Approach to Polish Auxiliary Constructions by Anna Kupść - Polish Academy of Sciences and CNRS, Loria.
Polish Language
Polish Identity, History and Geography.
Links to sites about culture, literature
Dialect Polish
Linguistic map of Polish dialects.
Basic Explanation of Surname Endings.

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