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Collins Gem Portuguese Dictionary English-Portuguese, Portuguese-English

In addition to the new layout and typography, the text has been updated to include all the latest vocabulary. A new feature of this revised edition are the highlighted entries offering fascinating insights into culturally significant events of Brazil and Portugal. Now updated for the millennium, the new edition of the Portuguese Gem is an indispensable guide for beginners and travellers alike.

Paperback:  622 pages
Language:  English
ISBN:  0004724097
Author/Editor:  HarperCollins (2000)

Collins Gem Portuguese Dictionary English-Portuguese, Portuguese-English
The Oxford Portuguese Dictionary: Portuguese-English and English-Portuguese

Designed for students, tourists and travelers, The Oxford Paperback Portuguese Dictionary is the most up-to-date Portuguese and English dictionary of its size available. It offers clear and concise translations of over 40,000 words and phrases in everyday idiomatic use, together with helpful information on grammar and usage. Careful labeling, with meaning, context, and usage signposted throughout, ensures that users can select the best translation for their needs. Both Brazilian and European Portuguese are covered, and pronunciation guidance is given for both Portuguese and English headwords. This outstanding dictionary is the perfect guide for anyone needing a quick and easy reference to the Portuguese language.

Paperback:  436 pages
Language:  English
ISBN:  0198645287
Author/Editor:  John Whitlam (Compiler), Lia Correia Raitt (Compiler) (1996)

The Oxford Portuguese Dictionary: Portuguese-English and English-Portuguese
Larousse Concise Dictionary: Portuguese-English/English-Portuguese

Available for the first time ever in this format, the Larousse Concise Dictionary: Portuguese-English / English-Portuguese now becomes the top tier of the Larousse bilingual Portuguese dictionary line. More in-depth than the existing pocket and mini dictionaries, this dictionary is packed with features, including

  • 90,000 words and phrases, with more than 120,000 translations based on Brazilian Portuguese
  • hundreds of abbreviations, acronyms, and proper nouns, as well as idioms and grammatical constructions
  • Portuguese verb conjugation tables
  • an innovative supplement on life and culture in Brazil, which covers topics ranging from the economy, media, education, and health care to arts and leisure
  • a comprehensive communications supplement with model letters, faxes, e-mails

Targeted for the user who needs more than a pocket dictionary can offer, the all-new Concise Dictionary: Portuguese-English / English-Portuguese is a perfect addition to the bilingual line.

Paperback:  1290 pages
Language:  Portuguese
ISBN:  2035420016
Author/Editor:  Larousse Editorial

Larousse Concise Dictionary: Portuguese-English/English-Portuguese

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