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Uzbek-English/English-Uzbek Dictionary

Uzbek-English/English-Uzbek Dictionary (Hippocrene Concise Dictionary)

Paperback:  329 pages
Language:  English
ISBN:  0781801656
Author/Editor:  by Kamran M. Khakimov (Author)

Uzbek-English/English-Uzbek Dictionary
Uzbek Dictionary & Phrasebook: Uzbek-English English-Uzbek

Uzbek, the national language of the Central Asian Republic of Uzbekistan, has over 20 million speakers in Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Tajikstan, neighboring countries, and emigrant communities abroad. This two-way language guide provides the essential vocabulary and phrases for communication with Uzbek speakers in travel-related and daily life situations. Uzbek is presented here in the Roman alphabet to allow quick pronunciation.

Paperback:  200 pages
Language:  Multilingual
ISBN:  0781809592
Author/Editor:  by Nicholas Awde (Author), ...

Uzbek Dictionary and Phrasebook: Uzbek-English English-Uzbek

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