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Kanji Dictionary
the Prime Resource for Kanji Learners - Kanji Dictionary: dictionaries for learning Japanese.
Free Kanji Online Lessons
Discovery Information Limited, Learn Kanji, Online Lessons.
The origins of kanji in Japan
The word kanji literally means "Chinese characters," showing that the kanji used in Japanese writing are of Chinese origin. Japanese people, who originally had no writing system, ...
Online Kanji Dictionary
Kanji Networks Online Kanji Dictionary: Etymologies of Chinese Characters as used in Japan.
Convert Kanji
Websites to Romaji or Hiragana (and translate Japanese to English, too).
Kanji Practice
This site was designed for Kanji practice for learners of Japanese at Dartmouth College.
Kanji Calligraphy
Japanese Kanji Calligraphy.
Kanji Project
Kanji Project Sites, Examples and Templates.
Kanji Project
JP NET/WWKanji Kanji Project: Build Your Own Kanji Study Web Pages.
Japanese writing system
The Kanji SITE - A guide for students of Japanese Kanji.
Kanji Radicals
Kanji Dictionary Radicals.
Japanese Pronunciation
6000 Chinese characters with Japanese pronunciation and Japanese and English renderings.
Kanji Room
Learning, Quiz and Guestbook.
Basic Kanji Book
Private Japanese Lesson at Tokyo Kanagawa Saitama Chiba Sapporo Gunma.
View Kanji
Focus on Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji and grammar.
Kanji Romaji Hiragana Convert
Kanji Converter to Hiragana, Romaji, English. Convert Kanji and Websites to Romaji or Hiragana (and translate Japanese to English, too).
Learn Japanese Kanji Symbols
Kanji are the most popular Japanese script out of 3 writing.
Kanji for AP Japanese
All kanji combinations have sound files so that you can hear the correct pronunciations.
JDrill kanji quiz and lookup
JDrill is a free java program to help people learn kanji and kana characters.
Kanji Names Project
Japanese students write descriptions of their names in English.
Learn a new japanese character every Day.
KANJI of electrical appliances
KANJI on electrical appliances and others.
JLPT Kanji
JLPT Kanji - Printer-friendly Lists.
Japanese Kanji
Japanese Kanji and Kana Learning Software.
Today's Kanji
Today's Kanji - Today's Vocabulary.
Kanji Menu
Click items on the Kanji Menu.
Japanese Kanji
Japanese Kanji Search.
Kanji Gold
Kanji Gold HomePage: A Japanese kanji program.
Japanese kanji
Drill and learn the Japanese kanji, learn Japanese.
Henshall Kanji Mnemonics
This page contains mnemonics for the kanji taught in the first six years of school in Japan ...
Kanji alive
Kanji alive: A free online tool for learning to read and write Japanese kanji.
Kanji Quiz
Kanji worksheet and Interactive Kanji Quiz.
Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3
Kanji Characters - Grade I, Grade II and Grade III.
Kanji Writing Excercise
Kanji Exercises for the Nakama Textbook.
Kanji Numbers
There are Japanese characters on this page.
The Chinese character (Kanji)
A Chinese character (Kanji) is an ideography character made in China.A Chinese character expresses one word ...
Kanji Stroke Count
This is the number of strokes (a stroke is defined as a continuous and uninterrupted line or curve, written without the pen or brush ever leaving the paper) used to write the kanji character.

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