Accounting Acronyms Dictionary Terms Online

English Abbreviations and English Acronyms
Accounting Abbreviations in English and Accounting Acronyms in English.
Accounting Acronyms
A comprehensive list of accounting terms, glossary and dictionary that contains accounting related terms and terminology.
Accounting Acronyms
Accounting-- Terminology and Acronyms -- Goizueta Business Library.
Accounting Abbreviations
Accounting Acronyms and Abbreviations.
Abbreviations Listing Accounting
Listing of Abbreviations Used in Accounting Materials.
Quick Guide to Accounting Abbreviations
When you start a business you quickly find out that you need to understand accounting terms.
Accounting Abbreviations
Dr Cr .com (Debits Credits) Accounting Abbreviations.
Accounting Acronyms Glossary
Accountants have their own frequently used acronyms that they use.

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