Glossary of Accounting Terms, Lexicon, and Abbreviations

Auditing Dictionary of Terms
The words defined below all have appeared on CPA exam questions, so they are worth knowing if you are studying for the auditing exam.
Glossary of financial accounting terms
The definition of one word or phrase may depend on understanding another word or phrase defined elsewhere in the reference list.
Accounting Terms
Accounting Terms/Accounting Dictionary/Accounting Glossary - Largest Online Accounting Dictionary - Over 4,200 Accounting Terms.
Glossary of Mutual Fund Terms
Glossary of Mutual Fund Terms - PDF-Format.
Accounting Elements
Basic Accounting Concepts: Terms, Elements & Standards (101).
Glencoe Student Site: Glossary
Glencoe Accounting Glossary.
Accounting acronyms
Here are list of acronyms that commonly found in the accounting world.
Glossary A-M - N-Z
For your benefit we've included a brief definition of selected business, tax, financial and real estate terms.
Reference of Acronyms
Quick Reference of Acronyms and Abbreviations.
Glossary words list
ASSIST Online Help - The Ohio State University.
Auditing Dictionary of Terms and Glossary
The terms defined on this page have all appeared in past CPA exam questions, so they are worth knowing if you are studying for the auditing exam.
Accounting Abbreviations (PDF Document)
HSBC HOLD: Glossary of accounting terms and abbreviations.
Public Relations Definitions
Call it a PR Glossary. Call it a collection of public relations definitions.
Audit Dictionary
Resources and Tools - Compliance, Audit and Accounting.
Managerial Accounting Glossary
Glossary managerial accounting glossary web hosting pennsylvania.
Accounting Glossary
Explanation of common words used in accounting.
Accounting Dictionary (PDF Document)
A complete A-Z Dictionary of Accounting related terminology.
Accounting Terminology
Accounting Terminology Guide: The New York State Society of CPAs (NYSSCPA) General Committee on Public Relations has prepared this glossary as an educational tool for journalists who report on and interpret financial information.
Definitions Accounting
Accounting & Auditing Terms and Definitions.
National Accounts supplementary information
This section includes a national accounts glossary of terms and definitions.
Accounting Dictionary and Financial Terms
Accounting Terms for the student and small business professional.
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. Auditing Fundamentals - Glossary.
Accounting Glossary and Acronyms
As the world of business gets more complex, there are more and more accounting terms in every day conversation. Here is a glossary of common accounting terms and a list of common acronyms in the world of accounting.
Glossary of Public Relations Terms
Like most disciplines, Public Relations has acquired its own business practices and jargon, which can cause initial misunderstandings for the uninitiated.
Accounting Glossary (PDF Document)
Glossary of Accounting Terms by Peter Baskerville.
Auditing Glossary of Terms
SmartPros and Accounting Institute Seminars are proud to bring you an online glossary of auditing terms.
Accounting Acronyms
Accounting Directory and Glossary.
Accounting Glossary
Glossary of Accounting Terms.
Accounting Terminology Guide
The New York State Society of CPAs (NYSSCPA) General Committee on Public Relations has prepared this glossary as an educational tool for journalists who report on and interpret financial information.
ABC of Accounting Language
Everyone's ABC of Accounting language.
Abbreviations Accounting
A to Z of accountancy abbreviations. Look up organisations, qualifications, designations, standards and other abbreviations.
California Department of Finance (PDF Document)
Finance Glossary of Accounting and Budgeting Terms.
Glossary Accounting
State Administrative and Accounting Manual (SAAM) Glossary.
Manual of Property Management Policies and Procedures Glossary
This glossary provides descriptions of various terms used in this manual and on department lists of movable assets. The glossary also includes other terms used by the government and Carnegie Mellon in relation to Property Accounting.
Accounting Acronyms
The Web's Largest Resource for Acronyms & Abbreviations.
Accounting - Idioms
Accounting Idioms and Quizzes.
Accounting Dictionary - Glossary
Accounting Dictionary and Financial Glossary.
Allacronyms Accounting
282 Accounting acronyms and abbreviations.
American Institute CPAs (PDF Document)
Glossary Of Terms, Acronyms, And Abbreviations.
International Accounting Glossary
Glossary International Accounting Terms.

ACCOUNTING GLOSSARY Janice Moen, CPA, Finance Director, ARCA.
Glossary Accounting
Their Glossary is a comprehensive list of accounting terms - it's 'accountant's speak' unravelled.
Accounting Dictionary
Accounting Glossary and Acronyms.
Glossary of Accounting Terms
These free online accounting lessons are simple accounting tutorials for learning accounting principles, accounting terms, and accounting equation.
Glossary Of Accounting
Glossary Of Accounting Terms Glossary Terminologies Words – Accounting Issue.
Glossary of Accounting Terms and Definitions
Bookkeeping and accountancy deal with maintaining record of all the transactions that a business/individual makes.
Australian Government Glossary (PDF Document)
AUASB Glossary Issued by the Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (October 2009).
Spanish/English Glossary
Accounting Definition Glossary.
Accounting Glossary of Terms
This is our complete list of accounting terms.
Accounting for Everyone
The Simplest Guide to Credit, Debits and Double-entry Bookkeeping.
Accounting Terminology
Non-accounting people can get bamboozled by the accounting terms used.
Accounting Terms
Accounting Terms & Bookkeeping Terminology.
Terms Auditor (PDF Document)
Auditor's Dictionary Terms, Concepts, Processes, And Regulations By David O'Regan.
All glossary terms from both the Volume 1 and Volume 2 texts of Intermediate Accounting ...
Basic Accounting Terminology
Basic Accounting Terminology 101, Terms, Principles, Concepts Information.
Wikipedia Accounting
Accounting terminology From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Accounting (Fundamental Analysis) Terms
The Investing Education Site.
Accounting Glossary
UCD Accounting Glossary.
Glossary American Institute (PDF Document)
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Glossary of Terms, Acronyms, and Abbreviations.
Accounting terms
Accounting terms by .
Financial Terms/ Glossary.
Glossary Accounting
Asset Management Series Principles Policies and Practices Catalogue of Reference.
Glossary of Accounting Terms
The glossary of accounting terms is provided as another online resource for Cougar Mountain Software users.
Glossary of Accounting Terms
Accounting Glossary: definitions of accounting terms, abbreviations, acronyms.
Accounting Terms
Accounting Terms - Learn Basic Accounting Terms.
Accounting ISA (PDF Document)
International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board - Glossary of Terms.
Barrons Dictionary
More than 20,000 terms and definitions covering many areas, including accounting, banking, business, computer and internet, finance and investment, insurance, marketing and real estate.
Accounting-Related Sites
CPA Links is a gateway for AICPA Online users who wish to visit other accounting-related sites on the Internet.
Small Business Accounting
Basic Terms and Concepts: Small Business Accounting.
Accounting Terminology
Duke Financial Services - Accounting.
Accounting Terms
Accounting Dictionary - Over 1,000 Accounting Terms Defined

Accounting Dictionary
Dictionary of 4,000+ Accounting Terms, Abbreviations and Definitions.
Accounting Glossary
Their account of growing accounting students demand for a perfect Accounting Glossary or Accounting Dictionary, ...
A-Z Glossary of Accountancy Terms
Ask An Accountant.
Accounting Dictionary
Accounting, Business Studies and Economics Dictionary.
Accounting Glossary
A few of the terms you'll encounter on the path to CPA.
Accounting Glossary
This glossary is intended as an educational tool for consumers and media to assist in accurately interpreting financial/accounting information.
Accounting Terms
Terms commonly used in business and accounting fields.

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