Dictionary between Australian and English Translation Online

Australian English Glossary
Australian English Glossary from A to Zed. Much has been written about the differences between British English and American English.
Australian words and phrases (Word Document)
Dictionary of Aussie language. Australian Words and Phrases.
Strine Book
An Amusing Language From The Land Down Under.
Dictionary of Australian English
Dictionary covers Australian English, including slang, rhyming slang, Aboriginal English, place names, and animals.
Australian-American Dictionary
A (very loose!) Australian to American dictionary of words and phrases, assembled by one Australian academic in California, 1985-1988.
Australian Slang Dictionary
Your Guide to Aussie Slang.
Australian words
Australian National Dictionary Centre - Research School of Humanities & the Arts - ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences.
Australian Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Paul's Dictionary of Australian Words.
Macquarie Dictionary (From Wikipedia)
The Macquarie Dictionary is a dictionary of Australian English. It also pays considerable attention to New Zealand English.
Australian-American Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Notes: Australian and American english are not static of course, and most American usages are making rapid inroads into Australian usage through the influence of media such as television and films ...
Macquarie Dictionary Online
The annual update of Macquarie Dictionary Online is now complete, making it the most up-to-date Australian dictionary and thesaurus available. Subscribe now for fast and easy access to over 300,000 words and definitions.
Aussie English for the Beginner
Flash Interactive: Australian English has developed a rich and distinct vocabulary that some would say reflects our dry wit and occasional wisdom.
Dictionary Australian (in downloadable PDF format)
A Dictionary of Australian Words And Terms - Ebooks on Everything.
Australian English
The Address Term Mate in Australian English - Is it Still a Masculine Term.
Australian Dictionary
Welcome to the Australian Dictionary of Biography Online, Australia's pre-eminent dictionary of national biography.
Australian words glossary
Glossary of slang and peculiar terms in use in the A.I.F. 1921–1924.
Australian slang terms
A description of the more popular Australian slang terms and their usage.
Australian Words (in downloadable PDF format)
A Dictionary of Australian Words And Terms.
Aussie English
Aussie English for the Beginner - Flash interactive.
Australian Words
Meanings and Origins of Australian Words and Idioms
Strine Book
An Amusing Language From The Land Down Under.

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