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Jewsforshalom.org: Online Glossary Creole-English.
LeCorde's English-Kreyol Dictionary
Word list of English words.
Kreyol/English Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Kreyol Crash Course Dictionary.
Haitian Creole Dictionary
Kreyol: Haitian Creole Dictionary - English-Creole dictionary of English.
Kreyol Dictionary
Kreyol The Language of Haiti - English-Kreyol Dictionary.
Haitian Creole-English Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Haitian Creole – English Dictionary with Basic English – Haitian Creole Appendix.
Haitian Creole Dictionary
A trilingual English/Kreyol/French dictionary.
Dictionary Creole (in downloadable PDF format)
Beginnings of Ngukurr-Bamyli Creole Dictionary.
Creole languages: Kreyol Louisianne
Verbix - Creole languages: conjugate Kreyol Louisianne verbs.
Morisien Etymological Dictionary
Morisyen (Mauritian Creole) Dictionary [with etymologies] compiled by Andras Rajki 2008.
English Creole Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
English Creole Dictionary - Kreyòl / Angle Diksyonè Published by: Eastern Digital Resources.

Pitcairnese Language
In 1789, when the HMS Bounty arrived at Tahiti and set to work collecting the breadfruit plantings they were planning to take to the West Indies, they were working shoulder-to-shoulder with the Tahitian people.
The St Lucian Kweyol Dictionary
Kweyol Dictionary edited by David Frank.
Crole Dictionary
Louisiana Creole Words and Dictionary.
Dictionary of Crole
"Gombo zhèbes": little dictionary of Crole proverbs (1885).
Kikongo-Kituba - English word list
Kikongo-Kituba is a creole language that is based on some Bakongo languages.
Dictionary Creole (in downloadable PDF format)
Little Dictionary of Creole Proverbs kweyol.
Haitian Creole Dictionary
useful Words and Phrases Creol-English.
Creole Phrases
20 Key creole phrases.

Other Creole Dictionary Translation

Kréol rényoné / Français
French Creole Dictionary.

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