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Estonian-English Online Dictionary
Estonian-English-Estonian Dictionary -- Eesti-Inglise-Eesti sõnaraamat.
This is the English-Estonian dictionary with more than English 17000 words with translations in Estonian.
English-Estonian Dictionary
Annaabi: Words English-Estonian dictionary. Estonian's largest free online dictionary.
Ectaco Online Estonian-English Dictionary
Estonian-English bilingual Dictionary.
Estonian-English Dictionary
Estonian-English, English-Estonian Dictionary by Kyiv, Ksana.
Estonian Dictionary (Word Document)
Condensed Estonian Dictionary.
Eesti Keele Instituut
Estonian Dictionary of Estonian Institute.
LingvoSoft Estonian-English Online Dictionary
Estonian-English bilingual Dictionary.
Estonian Synonyms Dictionary.
Estonian Dictionary
Estonian Orthological 2006.
English - Estonian
Dictionary English - Estonian -- Inglise-eesti sõnastik.
Maailma Maade Nimed
Estonian Names Country.
Estonian - English - Estonian Dictionary
Online bilingual dictionary of Estonian-English.
Estonian-English Dictionary
Online bilingual Estonian-English dictionary.
Estonian Dictionary of Phraseology
Small Estonian-English Dictionary.
Dialectological Dictionary Of Estonian
The Dialectological Dictionary Of Estonian: The introduction (in Estonian), Search examples and List of abbreviations.
Eesti etümoloogiasõnaraamat
Etymology Estonian Dictionary:
Dialectological Dictionary Of Estonian
Online Estonian dialect dictionary.
Estonian Dictionary of Synonyms
Estonian thesaurus with over 10,000 synonyms.
Saaremaa Kohanimed (in downloadable PDF format)
The origins of the place names of Saaremaa.
Esimene Eesti Slängi Sõnaraamat
Dictionary of Estonian Slang.
Eesti-vene sõnaraamat
Estonian-Russian Dictionary.
Estonian World
Estonian wisdom – 25 proverbs and sayings.
Estonian Dictionary
Estonian language Bilingual Dictionary.
EKI sõnastikud
Estonian language dictionary.
Eesti keele tesaurus
Filosoft Thesaurus for Estonian.
Eesti-läti sõnaraamat
Estonian-Latvian Dictionary.
Estonian Dictionary of Synonyms.
English-estonian Dictionary
English-estonian dictionary inglise-eesti sõnastik.
Läti-eesti s#245;naraamat
Latvian-Estonian Dictionary.
English-Estonian Dictionary Economics
English-Estonian-English Dictionary of Economics.
English-Estonian Dictionary - Inglise-Eesti sõnastik
This is the English-Estonian dictionary with more than English 17000 words with translations in Estonian.
English-Estonian Dict
English-Estonian Dictionary Advanced.
The Alternative Estonian Dictionary
Slang, profanities, insults and vulgarisms from all the world - The Alternative dictionaries are a collection of various forms of "bad language" from many languages.
Dictionary of the Dialect of Võru (Available in Estonian only).
Hiiumaa Kohanimed (in downloadable PDF format)
Marja Kallasmaa, Eesti Keele Instituut 2010: Names and Generic Terms.
Estonian-English lexicon - English-Estonian Lexicon
Wordlists English-Estonian and Estonian-English. Text-File.
English-Estonian Dictionary
Inglise-eesti masintõlkesõnastik.
Standard Estonian (in downloadable PDF format)
The Origins of stems of Standard Estonian – A Statistical Overview - Sven-Erik Soosaar - Institute of the Estonian Language, Tallinn, and the University of Tartu.
Country in Estonian Language
World Countries List in Estonian Language.

Other Estonian Dictionary Translation

Suur eesti-prantsuse sõnaraamat
Dictionary Estonian French.
Estonian Proverbs Translated to German.
Estonian online dictionaries
Estonian bilingual dictionary often has more entries than Estonian dictionary.
Estonian dictionaries
[ÕS] Eesti õigekeelsussõnaraamat ÕS 2006.
Hungarian-Estonian Dictionary
Estonian-Japanese Dictionary
Offers a page of translations of Estonian words into Japanese for each letter of the Estonian alphabet.
Translate Word
Russian-Estonian Dictionary.
Estonian-Latin Glossary
Estonian-Latin and Latin-Estonian Glossary.
Estonian French Dictionary
Dictionnaire Estonien Français / Eesti Prantsuse Sõnaraamat online / Estonian French dictionary.

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