Estonian Language and Literature Resources

Estonian is spoken in the following countries: Estonia, Latvia, Russia and Sweden.

Uralic Links
Finno-Ugric languages - Balto-Finnic languages.
Institute of the Estonian Language
Development Strategy of the Estonian Language - English-Estonian dictionary - Language technology pages - Estonian Dialects.
The identity, The history, The geography and The auxiliaries.
Dialects in northern Estonia
Murdesõnad Põhja-Eestist : kirjakeeles tegelikuks tarvituseks by Saaberk-Saareste, A.
The Estonian Language
Estonica - a source of knowledge about Estonia.
Estonian Language (PDF)
Language and a lingering mentality, History, Reconstructions of the Estonian Language.
Estonian-Finnish Comparison
A General Comparison of Estonian and Finnish.
Estonian Language
Reconstructions of the Estonian language
The Estonian Language
Estonian is the mother tongue of 922,000 people in Estonia and 160,000 abroad, mostly in Sweden, Finland, Germany, the USA, Canada and Russia ...

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