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Travlang's English - Frisian Dictionary
This dictionary database (English - Frisian) contains 2,500 terms. Also see travlang's Frisian-English Dictionary.
Frisian is a Germanic group of closely related languages, spoken by about half a million members of an ethnic group living on the southern fringes of the North Sea in the Netherlands and Germany. (Wikipedia 2006).
English to Frisian
English To Frisian Translator - LingoJam.
Frysk wurdboek, hifker en oersetter
Frisian Dictionary, Translator and Spelling Check.
English-Frisian Dictionary with English index
It's called &Frysk-Ingelsk wurdboek/ Frisian-English Dictionary&.
Proeve van een friesch
Proeve van een friesch en Nederlandsch woordenboek by Montanus de Haan Hettema.
Welsh-Frisian Dictionary (Textfile)
West-Germanic ai in Frisian by Michiel de Vaan Leiden.
Travlang's Frisian - English Dictionary
This dictionary database (Frisian-English) contains 2,500 terms. Also see travlang's English-Frisian Dictionary.
Nederlands en Fries
Frisian Dutch Dictionary. Historische woordenboeken.
English - Frisian Dictionary
English to Frisian and Frisian to English Dictionaries.
Etymological Dictionary of West Frisian Farming Vocabulary
The thesis aims to make up for part of the lack of a West Frisian etymological dictionary.
Frisian-Dutch Dictionary
Frisian-Dutch On-line Dictionary.
Frisian Dictionaries
Frisian-English, Frisian-Dutch, Frisian-German, Frisian-Danish, Frisian-Latin, Frisian-Esperanton and Frisian-Turkish Dictionaries.
West-Germanic *ai in Frisian
By Michiel de Vaan.
Frisian Dictionary of Terschelling (PDF document)
Woordenboek van het oosterschellings wêdenboek fon et aasters.
WFT brochure
A small language, a large dictionary.
Frisian-English lexicon - English-Frisian Lexicon
Wordlists English-Frisian and Frisian-English. Text-File.

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