English-German Dictionary Online and Free English-German Translation

Pons German Dictionaries
Pons Online Bilingual German Dictionaries for English, French, Italian, Polish and Spanish.
Wortschatz Project
Wörterbuch Deutsch-Englisch - German-English Dictionary with over 400,000 entries.
Free Online German Langauge Resources
German Grammar, Online Dictionary for Spelling, Inflection and Wordformation for the German Language - Wörterbücher und Grammatik für Deutsch.
Dictionary of philosophical terms: German-English and English-German.
English-German Picture Dictionary, German-English Picture Dictionary
English/German Picture Dictionary: EnchantedLearning.com.
German-English Vocabulary Quizzes
Bilingual Vocabulary Quizzes (German-English Study Materials, ESL, EFL).
German words in English
To my surprise an encreasing number of German words find their way into the English language (both in Britain and the US). So the German language still has some vitality in that it has coined terms which are more precise than those in the lingua franca English.
The Alternative German Dictionary
The Alternative German Slang and Obscenities Dictionary. Rude words Dictionary.
English-German Dictionary
English-German Dictionary by Wolfram Schneider.
German-English Dictionary
The Maschler German-English Online Dictionary - This dictionary is adapted from the German-English Internet Dictionary at the Technical University of Chemnitz, Germany." target="_blank">Dictionary German English
German English Dictionary Search.
German-English Quick Dictionary.
Dictionary - German/English
This small German/English dictionary contains terms used within the VIAS encyclopedia.
English and German Dictionary - Volume 2
Flügel-Schmidt-Tanger, a dictionary of the English and German languages for home and school by Schmidt, Im. (Immanuel), 1823-1900; Tanger, G. (Gustav); Flügel, Felix, 1820-1904.
English - German Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Pocket Talk dictionaries - English German Dictionary.
Word List English - German
English - Deutsch - Plattdüütsch - Anglo-Saxon.
Library Glossary
This glossary contains about 90,000 technical terms and abbreviations about libraries, books and data processing.
How to Swear in German
Jeff Z's World of Crap Presents Learn to Swear in German!
Foreign Language Master - FLM
FLM is a program, which can be used as an electronic dictionary and for text translating (it does not automatically translate texts). It disposes of a very large number of words that can be expanded much more, however. FLM handles mainly English-German and German-English dictionaries.
German English Dictionary
German English dictionary, free online translation from German to English with Collins dictionaries.

German - English Dictionary
English Grammar Online - free exercises, explanations, vocabulary, Dictionary ...
English to German Dictionary
online English German dictionary, thesaurus, translation.
The Internet Picture Dictionary: German
German Language Exercises - German Flashcards - The Internet Picture Dictionary.
Idioms (English - German)
Database of over 6000 idioms, proverbs and slang expressions. Searchable in either direction.
German English Dictionary
Websters-online-dictionary.org: German English Dictionary - Deutsch - englisch wörterbuch & übersetzung.
English-German Dictionary File
The Internet Dictionary Project: Download the Dictionary Files.
German Irregular Verbs (Zip file)
Reference module for students. Search by infinitive and get English translation, Present Indicative (3rd pers. single), Imperfect Indicative (past tense), present subjunctive, imperative and past participle.
German to English Idioms (Zip file)
Most frequently used German Idioms and phrases with their translations in English.
German - English Dictionary
Travlang's online German-English dictionary. Translates phrases from German to English and vice versa.. German - English - German On-line Dictionary. It now contains more than 170,000 entries!!
English-German Dictionary
Voice output powered by dict.cc, the online dictionary for German and English, including a translation forum (German/English), free download of the dictionary wordlist and the ability to add terms to the translation database.
Foreign Language Master - Java (English<->German)
Light dictionary: more than 3500 words in English and 5500 words in german.
German-English Glossary
German Language - False Friends in German - Falsche Freunde/False Cognates - German Words That Aren't What They Seem.
Wie sagt man?
A compilation of responses from the AATG Listserv to questions about items difficult to find in ordinary dictionaries.
Computer & Internet Glossary
English-German Glossary •  A-B - IT, Email, Internet, and Computer Terminology.
German to English Law
Glossary of German to English Law (general) terms .
ENHG-English Dictionary A
Early New High German - English Dictionary (Frühneuhochdeutsch - Englisch).
English-German Travel Glossary
English-German Travel Glossary: A-K - Travel Vocabulary.
Robb: Invented English Words in German
This is a list of "English" words that were invented by German speakers, which are not used in the English language, that is, apparent loan words, pseudo-loanwords or pseudo-Anglicisms.
German - English Dictionary
Langenscheidt Online-Translator - German to Englisch and English to German Dictionaries.
Etymological Dictionary
Etymological dictionary of the German language (1891).
Dictionary German / English
Business dictionary German / English FREE to download.

Other German Dictionary Translation

Wörterbuch Indonesisch-Deutsch / Deutsch-Indonesisch - German-Indonesian Bilingual Dictionary.
German rhyming Dictionary
Besides the German Rhyming Dictionary, Alcor Software is offering many other rhyming dictionaries which are also available for free online.
German-Spanish On-line Dictionary
This dictionary database (German-Spanish) contains 5,000 terms.
German-Swedish On-line Dictionary
This dictionary database (German-Swedish) contains 6,000 terms.
Spanish-German On-line Dictionary
This dictionary database (Spanish-German) contains 5,000 terms.
Swedish-German On-line Dictionary
This dictionary database (Swedish-German) contains 6,000 terms.
German-Turkish On-line Dictionary
This dictionary database (German-Turkish) contains 1,700 terms.
Latin-German On-line Dictionary
We offer: Latin - German On-line Dictionary.
Dutch-German On-line Dictionary
This dictionary database (Dutch-German) contains 15,000 terms.
German-Italian On-line Dictionary
This dictionary database (German-Italian) contains 3,700 terms. Also see travlang's Italian-German Dictionary.
German-Dutch On-line Dictionary
This dictionary database (German-Dutch) contains 15,000 terms.
German-Portuguese On-line Dictionary
This dictionary database (German-Portuguese) contains over 15,000 terms.
German-Welsh Dictionary
German to Welsh to German Dictionary.
German Lithuanian Dictionary (Available in Lithuanian only)
Dictionary German Lithuanian.
German-Latin On-line Dictionary
This dictionary database (German-Latin) contains 2,300 terms.

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