Dictionary between Mayan(Maya) and English Translation Online

Mayan Astrology
The 20 Daykeepers of the Mayan Calendar - Keywords and Astrological correspondences.
Maya dictionaries
FAMSI - Lista de Diccionarios disponibles en el sitio web de FAMSI.
Mayan Etymological Dictionary
A Preliminary Mayan Etymological Dictionary.
Pokom Maya (in downloadable PDF format)
Pokom Maya and Their Colonial Dictionaries.
Mesoamerican Languages Documentation Project
Mesoamerican Languages Documentation Project, dictionary query - Language: San Miguel Chimalapa Soke, documented by Heidi A. Johnson.
A Tzeltal Maya Dictionary
Tzeltal is the main Mayan language of Chiapas, México, closely related to the Cholan languages of the Classic Maya ...
Oluta-Spanish-English Dictionary
Mesoamerican Languages Documentation Project, dictionary query Language: Oluta, documented by Roberto Zavala Maldonado.
Dictionary Maya Spanish
Diccionario español - maya en línea en AULEX.
K'iche'-English Dictionary
AMSI - Allen Christenson, K'iche'-English Dictionary.
English Classic Maya
English Classic Maya Vocabulary of Hieroglyphic Readings

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