Dictionary between Prussian and English Translation Online

Prussian Language Reconstructions
Trilingual dictionary of prussian (prussian, german, english).
Prussian dictionary
FREELANG Prussian-English-Prussian online dictionary.
Dictionary Prussian (in downloadable PDF format)
Old Prussian Elbing Vocabulary.
Simon Grunau's Vocabulary
Frederik Kortlandt: Simon Grunau's Vocabulary.
Baltic Prussia Language
Prussian Reconstructions Baltic Prussian In Baltic Prussia Language, country and people once and today.
Old Prussian Dictionary
This Dictionary is based upon "The Etymological Dictionary of Prussian" by Vytautas Mažiulis ...
The Elbing Vocabulary
The Elbing Vocabulary An electronic text edition by Frederik Kortlandt
The Prussian Language
The Prussian Language is part of the Germanic language family inside the Indo-European Languages.

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