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Lithuanian english Dictionary
Estonian lithuanian english dictionary.
Dictionary English Lithuanian
Free online English Lithuanian dictionary. LingvoSoft free online English dictionary.
English-Lithuanian Dictionary
Lithuanian-English by Dict.com.
Dictionary of Lithuanian Phrases (in downloadable PDF format)
Vytautas Magnus University.
English Lithuanian Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Pocket Talk English - Lithuanian Dictionary.
Lithuanian Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Lithuanian-English Dictionary Jerzy Kazojc (c) copyright 2011.
Lithuanian - English Dictionary (Google Play)
English-Lithuanian Dictionary with pronunciation. Easy to use with simple interface.
Lithuanian-English Vocabulary Quizzes
Bilingual Vocabulary Quizzes (Lithuanian-English Study Materials, ESL, EFL).
Lietuviu kalbos ištekliu informacine sistema
Lithuanian dictionary - the largest in the twentieth century.
Basic Lithuanian Phrases
Central & Eastern European Languages: Basic Phrase for eastern european languages.
Dictionary Lithuanian to English
Free Online Lithuanian English dictionary.
Lithuanian-English Dictionary
Lithuanian-English and English-Lithuanian Dictionary.
English-Lithuanian Dictionary
Anglu-lietuvių žodynas Advanced.
Lithuanian Dictionary (Google eBook)
Lithuanian Dictionary: English ... - Google Book Search.
English Lithuanian Dictionary
English-Lithuanian Vocabulary Dictionary is a vocabulary-building project.
English to Lithuanian Dictionary
Dictionary: English to Lithuanian dictionary.
English-Lithuanian Dictionary
Search 1,000,000,000 translations.
English-Lithuanian Dictionary
Translation Dictionary English-Lithuanian.

English-Lithuanian Online dictionary (Inferface Lithuanian)
English-Lithuanian and German-Lithuanian online dictionary.
Lithuanian Dictionary (Inferface Lithuanian)
Lithuanian toponyms dictionary.
Dictionary of Lithuanian Phrases (in downloadable PDF format)
The paper discusses problems related to the compilation of the first Lithuanian dictionary of collocations.
Lithuanian English Dictionary
Free Online Lithuanian English dictionary.
Lithuanian-English Dictionary
Dictionary of the Lithuanian Language.
Lithuanian English Dictionary
Lithuanian English Dictionary by Lalis, Anthony.
Lithuanian and English languages
A dictionary of the Lithuanian and English languages (1915).
Lithuanian self-instruction (1908).
English - Lithuanian Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Pocket Talk dictionaries - English Lithuanian Dictionary.
Lithuanian Etymology
A Lithuanian etymological index (1921).
Dictionary Lithuanian
Dictionary Lithuanian Language.
Lithuanian Dictionary
Online dictionary of international words!
Lithuanian etymological Dictionary
Lietuvių kalbos etimologinio žodyno duomenų bazė.
Baltic etymology
Etymological Lithuanian Language Database Project.
Lithuanian-English lexicon
Wordlists English-Lithuanian and Lithuanian-English. Text-File.

Other Lithuanian Dictionary Translation

Lithuanian-German Dictionary
Online Lithuanian-German Glossary.
Latvian-Lithuanian Dictionary - Lithuanian-Latvian Dictionary
Letonika Database Lithuanian Dictionary by Vytautas Magnus University studies Centre Dr. Alvida Butkus (Alvydas Butkus).
English Loanwords in Lithuanian
The analysis disclosed that Lithuanian has adopted many English loanwords.
Russian-Lithuanian Dictionary (Inferface Lithuanian)
Online Russian-Lithuanian Dictionary.
Prussian-Lithuanian Dictionary
Prussian-Lithuanian words.
Lithuanian-Russian Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Dictionary by Ketvirtoji laida.
Lithuanian Russian Dictionary
Free Online Lithuanian Russian dictionary.
Lithuanian German Dictionary
Free Online Lithuanian German dictionary.
Dictionary of contemporary Lithuanian (Inferface Lithuanian)
Dictionary of contemporary Lithuanian (Lithuanian-Lithuanian).
Lithuanian-Russian Dictionary
Online Lithuanian-Russian Glossary.
Lithuanian-Hungarian Dictionary
Litván–magyar szótár.
Lithuanian-Russian Dictionary
Lithuanian-Russian and Russian-Lithuanian dictionary.
Lithuanian French Dictionary
Dictionnaire Lituanien Lithuanien Français / Lithuanian French dictionary.

Online Lithuanian-Language Resources:

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