Lithuanian Language Linguistics, Culture and Literature

Lithuanian is spoken in the following countries: Lithuania, Russia, Latvia.

Institute of the Lithuanian Language
The Institute of the Lithuanian Language is a centre for research into the Lithuanian language.
Lithuanian Language and Literature
This pathfinder includes information about language and literature in Lithuania.
Lithuanian indefinite
Notes on the use of Lithuanian indefinite pronouns by Kirill Kozhanov Kirill Kozhanov Institut of Slavic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow.
Between Function And Status (PDF document)
Lithuanian Language in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.
Lithuanian Language
The Lithuanian Language - Past and Present.
Cultural Heritage - Science & Education - Information Society.
Lithuanian Linguistics
Website for Lituanus - Lithuanian Quarterly Journal.
Lithuanian Language
Standard lithuanian and its dialects.
Prussian, An Aboriginal a-Language?
Lithuanian Language
Lithuanian identity, history, Geography and Auxiliaries.
Lithuanian Language
Standard lithuanian and its dialects.
Lesson Seven: expressing likes and dislikes in Lithuanian ...
Lithuanian Archives
Archivum Lithuanicum is published once a year.
Christian Donelaitis' contribution to Lithuanian literature is sometimes compared to that of Dante to Italian literature and his work must be considered in any discussion of the history of the Lithuanian language.
Terminologija New
An annual publication from the Institute of the Lithuanian Language.
Lithuanian Language
University of Illinois at Chicago: The Earliest Known Lithuanian Glosses (~1520–1530) by Giedrius Subačius, Wieslaw Wydra and Mariusz Leńczuk.
The Lithuanian Language and Writing
The Lithuanian language belongs to the Indo-European family of languagesJonas Jablonskis(1860-1930) and together with Latvian constitutes the extant Baltic group of languages.
The Lithuanian Language
Traditions and Trends by Giedrius Subačius.
Archivum Lithuanicum
Archivum Lithuanic is available once a year.

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