Dictionary between Serbian and English Translation Online

Serbian-English Dictionary
Serbian-English Cruiser dictionary.
Serbian Dictionary
English - Serbian dictionary (27546 ).
Slavicnet Online Serbian-English Dictionary
Serbian English dictionary, serbian-english dictionary.
Serbian - English and English - Serbian Dictionary
Oline dictionary is described as "Most extensive online dictionary" of Serbian, Laughborough University, UK.
Serbian Dictionary
Serbian English Dictionary.
USAID Accounting glossary English Serbian (in downloadable PDF format)
Useful Glossary considering official terms in Accounting.
Serbian Dictionary
Dictionary of Serbian Language.
Serbian English Dictionary
Dictionary Serbian English Language.
English-Serbian Dictionary
Englesko-srpski rečnik.
Serbian Phrases
Serbian Survival Phrases.
Serbian Glossary Astronomie
Serbian Glossary of astronomical Terms.
Serbian IT Terms
Serbian Glossary of IT Terms.
Theology Serbian Glossary
Serbian Glossary Of Orthodox Theology.
English-Serbian Pocket Dictionary
Serbian-English and English-Serbian pocket dictionary (1920)

Other Serbian Dictionary Translation

Greek-Serbian Dictionary
Greek-Serbian-Greek Dictionary Grcko-Srpsko-Grcki Recnik Theophilos Vamvakos.
Greek-Serbian Glossary
Online browsable and downloadable glossary for Greek-Serbian.
LingvoSoft Serbian-English Online Dictionary
English <-> Serbian Online Dictionary - a Bilingual Dictionary from LingvoSoft.
Online Serbian-English and English-Serbian Dictionary.
Ectaco Online Serbian-English Dictionary
English <-> Serbian Online Dictionary - a Bilingual Dictionary from ECTACO.
Serbian Slang with English Translation
CoolSlang - The World Slang Database.
Swedish-Serbian dictionary (Latin letters)
A Bilingual Swedish-Serbian Dictionary from Lexin (in Swedish, Latin letters).
Lexicon serbico-germanico-latinum (Google eBook)
Serbian German Latin Lexicon.
Swedish-Serbian dictionary (Cyrillic letters)
a Bilingual Swedish-Serbian Dictionary from Lexin (in Swedish, Cyrillic letters).

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