Serbian Language and Literature Resources

Serbian is spoken in the following countries: Serbia and Bosnia.

Serbo Croatian Links
You can find general information about Serbo-Croatian literature and language courses offered in our department as well as information about our teaching faculty.
Serbian Links
Language Study - Dictionaries & Translation Tools - Literature.
The Serbo-Croatian Language Program
Serbian Language Links - Online Resources - Some Internet Dictionarie.
Serbian and Croatian Language
Lexical Borrowings from German and English into Serbian and Croatian Radmila J. Gorup - Columbia University.
Serbian Language
The Serbian language is a result of the work of the great Serbian philologist and language reformer, Vuk Stefanovich Karadzich .
Serbian Esssential Grammar (PDF)
Serbian Grammar by Lila Hammond are available for the following languages: Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, Modern Greek, Modern Hebrew, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai and Urdu Language.

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