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Serbian is spoken in the following countries: Serbia and Bosnia.

Serbian Language
The Serbian Language as Viewed by the East and the West: Synchrony, Diachrony, and Typology Edited by Ljudmila Popovic and Motoki Nomachi.
Serbo Croatian Links
You can find general information about Serbo-Croatian literature and language courses offered in our department as well as information about our teaching faculty.
Serbian Links
Language Study - Dictionaries & Translation Tools - Literature.
The Serbo-Croatian Language Program
Serbian Language Links - Online Resources - Some Internet Dictionarie.
Serbian and Croatian Language
Lexical Borrowings from German and English into Serbian and Croatian Radmila J. Gorup - Columbia University.
Linguistics and Literature
On Function of Word Order in English and Serbian
On the Identity of Serbian (PDF Document)
Serbian and Its Identity between East and West by Ranko Bugarski.
Serbian Language
The Serbian language is a result of the work of the great Serbian philologist and language reformer, Vuk Stefanovich Karadzich .
Serbian Esssential Grammar (in downloadable PDF format)
Serbian Grammar by Lila Hammond are available for the following languages: Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, Modern Greek, Modern Hebrew, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai and Urdu Language.

Serbian Books DictionarySerbo Croat Dictionary
Serbo Croat Electronic TranslatorsSerbian Books Grmmar
Serbian DictionarySerbian Learning
Serbian PhraseSerbian Resources

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