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Online English-Croatian-English Dictionary
EUdict - European dictionary - English, Croatian.
Croatian-English Dictionary
English-Croatian and Croatian-English Dictionary.
English-Croatian Dictionary
Croatian-English -- English-Croatian Dictionary This Croatian-English Dictionary is described as "Most extensive online dictionary" of Croatian, Laughborough University, ...
Croatian-English Dictionary
EUdict - European dictionary - English, Croatian, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Latin and Japanese.
Serbo-Croatian Dictionary
Serbo-Croatian. A guide to the spoken language. United States.
Serbo-Croat English Dictionary
Serbia-Croatia-Bosnia-English dictionaries.
Croatian-English Dictionary
Design-ers.net - Online bilingual Croatian-English Dictionary.
Serbo-Croatian Dictionary (Google eBook) Serbo-Croatian: A Guide to the Spoken Language.

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Greek-Serbian Glossary
Online browsable and downloadable glossary for Greek-Serbian.

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