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Swedish - English full dictionary - English - Swedish dictionary (10269)
Swedish - English dictionary (11413 words).
English to Swedish Dictionary
Swedish-English and English-Swedish Glossaries.
Swedish-English Dictionary
Svensk-Engelsk Ordbok by Walter E. Harlock.
Swedish-English Dictionary
The Swedish Schoolnet -- Lexin - Swedish-English dictionary.
Ord Digital Dictionaries
English-Swedish / Swedish-English Dictionary, Gullberg's specialist Dictionary and German-French-Spanish-Italian-Russian-Arabic Dictionaries.
Engelsk-Svensk Ordbok
English-Swedish Dictionary School Edition by Karl Kärre, Harald Lindkvist Ruben Nöjd, Mats Redin with the assistance of Grenville Grove SECOND EDITION.
Svenska Akademiens ordlista (SAOL)
The Swedish Academy Glossary is an orthographic dictionary.
LingvoSoft Swedish-English Online Dictionary
Bilingual Swedish-English dictionary.
Ectaco Online Swedish-English Dictionary
English <-> Swedish Online Dictionary - a Bilingual Dictionary from ECTACO.
Engelsk ordbok
Burt's Dictionary
Swedish-English dictionary in two parts: Swedish-English, English-Swedish. = Burt's svensk-engelsk ordbok i två afdelningar, svensk-engelsk, engelsk-svensk.
Swedish Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
English-Swedish Dictionary.
Swedish Pocket Dictionary
A New pocket dictionary of the English and Swedish languages. New stereo-type-ed., rev. and enriched:
The mathematics swedish Dictionary
English-Finnish-Swedish Mathematics Dictionary.
Swedish Pronunciation Dictionary
Swedish self-taught, with phonetic pronunciation : containing vocabularies, elementary grammar, idiomatic phrases and dialogues, travel talk, photography, cycling, fishing, shooting by Thimm, Carl A. (Carl Albert); Harvey, W. F. (William Frederick)
What's in a Swedish surname? New
(la formation des noms de famille suédois) par Nils William Olsson, in Swedish American Genealogist (1981).
Ordbok för affärsfolk
Fackord och uttryck inom affärslivet.
Swedish and English Lexicon (Google eBook)
Svenskt och engelskt lexicon: efter Kongl. Secreteraren Sahlstedts svenska ...by Gustaf Widegren
Tema Dictionaries (Thematic Entries to Project Runeberg)
Different kinds of dictionaries are listed here: spelling dictionaries, dialect dictionaries, etymological dictionaries, translation dictionaries, and dictionaries that explain loanwords (främmande ord), almost bordering on encyclopedias.
English-Swedish Dictionary
Engelsk-svensk ordbok Advanced.
Lexin - Svensk-engelskt lexikon
Lexikon uppslagsverk undervisning invandrare. Swedish-English Dictionary.
English-Swedish Dictionary
An English and Swedish dictionary: wherein the generality of words and various significations are rendered into Swedish and Latin .. by Serenius, Jakob, 1700-1776.
Higher Education
Högskoleverket (Swedish National Agency for Higher Education) English Swedish.
Glossary of Swedish language
Svenska Akademiens ordlista över svenska språket
Swedish Medical Terminology - Swedish MeSH
Medical term in English or Swedish from the hospital Karolinska Institutet.
SpråkLexin för Invandrare - Svenska ORD.
Swedish Thesaurus
ALLÄRS allmän tesaurus på svenska.
Swenskt dialect lexicon (Google eBook)
Hvarutinnan uppteknade finnas the ord och taleætt ...by Johan Ihre.
Sweden's national glossary of Bank Terms.
Svensk/Engelsk ordlista - Swedish/English dictionary.
Swedish Dictionary
DALINS Swedish Dictionary.
Swedish Academy Glossary
Svenska Akademiens Ordlista
Agricultural Terminology
Svensk-engelsk ordlista. Swedish to English Agriculture Glossary.
English-Swedish dictionary for genealogy research -- Engelsk-svensk ordlista för släktforskning.
Order of Words Swedish Synonyms and Expressions
English-Swedish Internet Glossary
Internet-referenser: Ordlista över Internet-termer.
Swedish Dialect Lexicon
Svenskt dialektlexikon: ordbok öfver svenska allmogespråket.
English-Swedish Dictionary
Kaj's English - Swedish dictionary - Small general dicitonary.
Words Pronunciation and Origin.
Monolingual Swedish Academic Dictionary.
Swedish-English dictionary High Education
Svensk-engelsk ordbok för den högre utbildningen.
English Swedish vocabulary (in downloadable PDF format)
English Swedish vocabulary Hydraulics and Hydrology terms.
Nordic Family Conversations Lexicon
Nordisk Familjebok Konversationslexikon Och Realencyklopedi.
Dictionary Swedish (Google eBook)
Swedish Dialect Dictionary.

Other Swedish Dictionary Translation

Dict.info Swedish Dictionaries
Swedish Bilingual Dictionaries for English, Czech, Dutch, Esperanto, French, Kurdish Sorani, Russian, Slovak, and Spanish.
Projet Shtooka
Dictionary of Pronunciation of Swedish Words.
Svensk synonymordbok
Dictionary of Swedish synonyms.
Svensk Etymologisk Ordbok
Swedish Ethymological Words.
What does the name mean?
English-Swedish Picture Dictionary
English/Swedish Picture Dictionary: EnchantedLearning.com.
Swedish-English Vocabulary Quizzes
Bilingual Vocabulary Quizzes (Swedish-English Study Materials, ESL, EFL).
Swedish Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
English Swedish Dictionary.
Göteborska (Gothenburg Swedish) English Translation
Göteborska Language Swear Words and their English Translation. Profanity, Swearing, Cursing, Cussing and Insulting!
Online Dictionary English to Swedish
English Swedish dictionary. References beginning with the letter 'A'. 10,054 references.
Swedish-English Dictionary
The Swedish Schoolnet: Lexin - Swedish-English dictionary.
Swedish Ethymology Dictionary
Svensk etymologisk Ordbok by Hellquist, Elof, 1864.
English–Swedish dictionary, Swedish–English
Statistics dictionary: English–Swedish
Glossary Original Words
Glossarium öfver Föråldrade Eller Ovanliga Ord Och Talesätt.
Swedish-Albanian Dictionary
a Bilingual Swedish-Albanian Dictionary from Lexin.
Swedish-Arabic Dictionary
a Bilingual Swedish-Arabic Dictionary from Lexin.
Swedish-Bosnian Dictionary
a Bilingual Swedish-Bosnian Dictionary from Lexin.
Swedish-Croatian Dictionary
a Bilingual Swedish-Croatian Dictionary from Lexin.
Swedish-Finnish Dictionary
a Bilingual Swedish-Finnish Dictionary from Lexin.
Finnish-Swedish Wordlist
Online Translations from Finnish to Swedish.
Swedish-French Lexicon
Fransk-Svenskt Lexikon.
Swedish-Danish Dictionary
Svensk - dansk-norsk ordbog by Falbe-Hansen, Ida.
The Land Rover Dictionary
The Land Rover Dictionary: English, German, Finnish, Swedish, Dutch, and French.
Swedish-Greek Dictionary
a Bilingual Swedish-Greek Dictionary from Lexin.
Swedish-Russian Dictionary
a Bilingual Swedish-Russian Dictionary from Lexin.
Danish-Norwegian-Swedish Dictionary
Dansk-norsk-svensk ordbok by Natanael Beckman.
Swedish-Serbian Dictionary
a Bilingual Swedish-Serbian Dictionary from Lexin.
Swedish-Spanish Dictionary
a Bilingual Swedish-Spanish Dictionary from Lexin.
Swedish Bible Dictionary
Biblisk ordbok för hemmet och skolan.
Swedish-German dictionary - German-Swedish Dictionary
Svensk-Tysk / Tysk-Svensk ordbok by Hoppe, Otto, 1857-1919; Auerbach, Carl.
Swedish-Turkish Dictionary
a Bilingual Swedish-Turkish Dictionary from Lexin.
Skolverket's Swedish-Finnish Dictionary
Svensk-finskt lexikon.
Swedish-French Dictionary
Svensk-fransk ordbok, skolupplaga: Ny fullständigt omarb. stereotypuppl by Ferdinand Paul Schulthess.
Swedish French Dictionary
Dictionnaire Suédois Français / Svensk Fransk Ordbok online / Swedish French dictionary.
Online Zweeds-Nederlands Vertalen
Up to 150 words at a time Swedish to Dutch.
Swedish Genealogical Word List
The Swedish Genealogical Word List shows Swedish words and their English translations for many words that are found in documents used to research Swedish ancestors.
Swedish Finnish Lexicon
Svenskt-Finskt lexikon : Ruotsalais-Suomalainen sanakirja by Ahlman, Frans Ferdinand.
Dutch Swedish Dictionary
Nederländsk-svensk ordbok.
Swedish Latin Dictionary
Swensk-Latinsk Ordbok.
Dutch-Swedish On-line Dictionary
This dictionary database (Dutch-Swedish) contains 6,000 terms.
Swedish Latin Dictionary (Google eBook)
Swensk ordbok med latinsk uttolkning, på Kongl: Majestäts allernådigste ...by Abraham Magni Sahlstedt
The dialect (Google eBook)
Dialectus vestrogothica ... dissertatione philologica ... explanata by Sven Hof.
Swedish-Finnish Dictionary
Lexin - Svensk-finskt lexikon
Swedish-Greek Dictionary
Svenskt-grekiskt lexikon by Linder, Carl Wilhelm, 1825-1882; Walberg, C.A.

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