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Swedish is spoken in the following countries: Sweden and Finland.

Swedish in Finland (From Wikipedia)
Finland Swedish (Swedish: finlandssvenska) is a general term for the closely related cluster of dialects of Swedish spoken in Finland by Swedish-speaking Finns as their mother tongue.
Swedish Language
The Swedish language is a part and parcel of the Indo-European languages, stretching from India to Europe and through migration to the U.S., Canada, Mexico and South America.
German and Swedish
Bleaching, productivity and debonding of prefixoids. A corpus-based analysis of "giant" in German and Swedish.
Swedish Links
Language Study - Dictionaries & Translation Tools - Literature.
The loss of lexical case in Swedish.
A bit of swedish Easter traditions
Easter has up to our own times, been a religious holiday in Sweden, and Easter Week has had an air of solemnity about it.
Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study.
The Institute of Language and Commonwealth.
Swedish - a brief presentation
Swedish is a fascinating and expressive language.
Swedish Language
Some small games to help you learn some basic words.
Modality in Swedish
Categories and expressions of modality.
Some Notes on the Swedish Language
The Swedish language is a part and parcel of the Indo-European languages, ...

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