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Swedish Grammar
Comprehensive Swedish grammar by Peter Svenonius.
Swedish Constraint Grammar: A Short Presentation
Swedish Constraint Grammar (SWECG) is a system for part-of-speech disambiguation and shallow syntactic analysis of running Swedish text, developed within the Constraint Grammar (CG) framework.
Swedish Grammar
This grammar is (being) written by Leif Stensson, and is a part of the Language and Linguistics pages at the academic computer society Lysator at Linköping University in Sweden.
Altschwedische Grammatik
Altisländische und altnorwegische Grammatik, mit Einschluss des Altgutnischen, by Adolf Noreen, was published in 1904.
Verbix: Conjugate Swedish verbs
Swedish is the national language of Sweden. It is spoken by 9 million native speakers in Sweden and Finland. It's a Germanic language.
Grammar Shwedish
Auxiliary verbs, Adverbs, Word order, Reflexives, Passiv, futurum, Imperfekt och perfekt, ...
Altschwedische Grammatik
Altschwedische Grammatik, mit Einschluss des Altgutnischen.
Genitive in Swedish
The history of the genitive in Swedish. A case study in degrammaticalization.
Swedish Grammar
Elementary Swedish grammar, combined with exercises, reading lessons and conversations (1911).
A Swedish Language Course
Alphabet and Pronunciation Course.
Grammar Swedish
A simplified grammar of the Swedish language (1902).
Swedish Grammar
Modern Swedish grammar.
Swedish phonology
Swedish phonology (1915).
Swedish book
First Swedish book.
Simplified Grammar Danish
A simplified grammar of the Danish language (1883).
Swedish Grammar (Google eBook)
An introduction to Swedish grammar, adapted for the use of Englishmen, with ...by Gustavus Brunnmark,J. P. Wåhlin.
Swedish grammar
A brief Swedish grammar (1914).
Grammar of the Swedish language
A practical grammar of the Swedish language; with reading and writing exercises

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