Dictionary English Equivalents of Latin Names

A List of the Latin Names of Places
A List of the Latin Names of Places in Great Britain and Ireland.
Latin Names of Bishoprics in England, Latin Names of Bishoprics in Scotland, Latin Names of Bishoprics in Ireland, Latin Forms of English Surnames, Latin Christian Names with Their English Equivalents
White Trash Scriptorium - The Record Interpreter (Charles T. Martin, 1911) - Latin E-Books.
Latin names
First names and their spoken abbreviations with English equivalents.
Latin Mottos
Latin Phrases, Latin Quotes and Latin Sayings.
English Common Names and Latin Scientific Names
Orchid Listings by English Common Names to Scientific or Latin Names, Orchids by Latin or Botanical Names related to English Common Names.
Cathedral Libraries Catalogue
The Cathedral Libraries Catalogue is an electronic version of the following publication: M.S.G. McLeod, ed., and completed K.I. James and D. J. Shaw.
Other useful resources for Latin placenames are: BSC Latin Place Names File, Names of Printing Towns.
Latin Lexicon (Google eBook)
Dictionary of Latin Quotations, Proverbs, Maxims, and Mottos, Classical and Medieval with a Selection of Greek Quotations edited by Henry Thomas Riley.
Record Interpreter
Latin to English translation of Christian names.
Glossary of Roots of Botanical Names
Did you know that 'Lavender' (Lavandula) comes from the Latin word 'to wash'? Ever wonder why the daylily is called Hemerocallis? Or what angustifolia means? Here are over 1000 root word of botanical names from a- to zyg-.
RBMS/BSC Latin Place Names File
Bibliographic Standards Committee Latin Place Names found in the imprints of books printed before 1801 and their vernacular equivalents in AACR2 (Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules).
Latin maxims
While the Sententiae Latinae page will remain on-line for the time being, no new material will be added to it. I will also no longer be accepting translation requests or any other requests concerning Latin maxims.
Latin Christian Names
A Few Latin Christian Names with Their English Equivalents.
UT Knoxville Mycology Lab
Concordance to the Colors Used by E.M. Fries.
Diotima: Glossary of Roman Clothing
Color terms are given in masculine adjectival form.
Latin Forms of English Surnames
Latin Forms of English Surnames in Great Britain and Ireland.
Quotations Latin
Dictionary Of Quotations Latin by Thomas Benfield Harbottle.
Dictionary of Botanical Epithets
The epithets are largely taken from alpine plants and found in the seed lists of the North American Rock Garden Society's seed list, ...

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