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Finance Dictionary EN-FR
English-French Dictionary of Financial Markets.
French-English Sewing Dictionary
Sewing projects Dictionary.
English-French Glossary
English-french lexical by Raphaëlle Dedourge.
English/French Bicycle Dictionary
Sheldon Brown's English/French Bicycle Dictionary.
Glossary of Microfinance Terms (in downloadable PDF format)
Glossaire bilingue des termes de la microfinance: English-French Glossary:
Knitting Tricot Dictionary
Offers the French translation of English knitting-related words, acronyms and abbreviations.
Canadian Common Law Dictionary
The objective of the Dictionary, which was produced as part of the process of standardizing French common law vocabulary, is essentially to expand the use of uniform terminological solutions.
English - French Dictionary Wine
French-English-French Dictionary of Wine Economic Expressions & Other Useful Terms.
French-English Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
A French-English Dictionary for Chemists.
Prokaryotic names
All names cited in the List of Prokaryotic names with Standing in Nomenclature: List A-C.
Financial Information Strategy (FIS) Glossary (in downloadable PDF format)
Lexique de la Stratégie d'information financière (SIF) Financial Information Strategy (FIS) Glossary.
French Car Brands Names
List And Logos Of French Cars.
Glossary for Pilots and Air Traffic
Glossary for Pilots and Air Traffic Services Personnel (TP 1158E).
Dictionary of Financial and Stock Market
Dictionary of financial and stock market jargon. — Dictionnaire évolutif de la finance et bourse.
OECD Education Glossary
Education English-French Glossary.
OECD Economics Glossary
English-French Glossary.
English-French Sailing Dictionary
This English-French dictionary of sailing terms may be useful to English speakers sailing in French-speaking waters.
French/English, English/French Dictionary
Providing French/English, English/French, and German/English dictionary look up and audio for pronunciation.
English-French Dictionary
English-French Dictionary of Common Computing Terms.
Astronomy Thesaurus
Astronomy Thesaurus Index : Français.
Dassault Aviation's Bilingual Glossary
Dassault Corporate - Vos Outils - French <-> English glossary.

English-French Glossary of Construction
English - French Glossary of Construction Vocabulary (Canada) - Lexique français - anglais du vocabulaire de la construction.
English-French railway Lexicon
Lexique Ferroviaire Anglais-Français.
English-French Sailing Dictionary
This English-French dictionary of sailing terms may be useful to English speakers sailing in French-speaking waters. The dictionary follows British English, which may differ slightly in spelling and usage from other English-speaking countries.
Combinatory Vocabulary of Fractal Imagery (in downloadable PDF format)
Differentiable dynamical systems, dynamics of chaos, geometry of nature, mathematics, physics.
Elections Glossary (in downloadable PDF format)
Terms, phrases and official titles extracted from federal-government legislation on the Canadian political system.
Bank of Canada's Glossary
Glossary - Home - Bank of Canada - English-French Glossary | Français-Anglais Glossary.
E-Learning Glossary (in downloadable PDF format)
Lexique de l’apprentissage en ligne E-Learning English-French Glossary.
Glossaire Quaker Glossary
French-English Quaker Glossary.
Emergency and Crisis Communication Vocabulary (in downloadable PDF format)
Vocabulaire anglais-français / English-French Vocabulary.
Industrial Computing Dictionary
English-French Dictionary of Industrial Computing.
French/English Glossary of Linguistic Terms
This glossary contains 7,423 French linguistic terms and 7,650 English linguistic terms.
Corporate Administrative Systems (CAS) Glossary (in downloadable PDF format)
Lexique sur les Systèmes administratifs d’entreprise (SAE) / Corporate Administrative Systems (CAS) Glossary.
NATO Glossary of Terms and Definitions (in downloadable PDF format)
NATO Glossary of Terms and Definitions Concerning the Safety and Suitability for Service of Munitions, Explosives and Related Products.
List of UNESCO thesaurus French terms
UNESCO Thesaurus: French/English/Spanish index of descriptors.
A Quebec-Canada Constitutional Law Lexicon (in downloadable PDF format)
A QUEBEC-CANADA CONSTITUTIONAL LAW LEXICON (French to English). This lexicon – initially a computer-assisted translation tool for instant retrieval and accurate quoting – rapidly evolved into a small compendium of constitutionally relevant terms describing a host of Canadian and Québec realities.
NATO R&M Terminology Applicable to ARMPs (in downloadable PDF format)
Standardized terminology, military, logistics, materiel maintenance.
Silvicultural Terms in Canada
Text in English and French with French text on inverted pages. Title on added t.p.: Terminologie de la sylviculture au Canada.
Medical Dictionary
List and Glossary of medical terms: French.
ONTERM Database: Ontario Terminology
ONTERM contains over 20,000 entries in two databases, OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT NAMES and GENERIC NAMES, which can be searched simultaneously using the query box or index.

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