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English – Malay Glossary of Terms Commonly (in downloadable PDF format)
English – Malay Glossary of Terms Commonly Used In The Proceedings - Of The Subordinate Courts.
Malay English Terminology
KAiSEL Alam Bina A web-based version of the Electronic Dictionary for the Built Environment.
Malay English Stock Market Terminology
Stock Market Terminology in Bahasa Melayu.
Malay Language Swear Words
Malay Language Swear Words and their English Translation. Profanity, Swearing, Cursing, Cussing and Insulting!
Peristilahan dalam Sukan Golf
Peristilahan dalam Sukan Golf oleh Muhammad Yahaya Pusat Pengajian Siswazah UKM.
Philippi Martial Arts Academy
The Philippi Martial Arts Academy teaches a variety of Asian self defense arts.
Elementymology and Elements Multidict
Multilingual dictionary of the names of chemical elements.
Caption Dictionary UK Libraries
The Bibliographic Policies and Procedures Advisory Group has determined that the abbreviations listed in Appendix B of AACR2 will be used for the captions in the holdings records of the local database.
Malay IT Terminology
This IT terminology is translated from English to Bahasa Malaysia, and is arranged alphabetically in ascending order for easy reference.
Istilah Matematik
Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Faculty of Science - Istilah Matematik & Statistik - English Malay Matematik.

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