Dictionary of Genealogy Terms, Glossary and Lexicon

Glossary of Words
Family History Section - Page Missing Description.
Legend and Advice
Practical advice for using the Europäische Stammtafeln. Including a table of the German abbreviations translated into English.
This is a small, multilanguage dictionary of various Genealogy terms.
Genealogy Terms
Abbreviations - commonly used in genealogy or in documents.
English-German and German-English genealogy terms
Glossaries of Genealogy Terms in English and German giving their meaning or definition in the chosen language:
Genealogy Glossary
Glossary of Genealogical Terms .
Genealogical Glossary
Researching Your Family History.
Genealogical Glossary
Glossary of Terms used in past times - From assarts through heriots, messuages and tofts to virgates, etc – this is what they mean.
Genealogy Research
Arapacana Press is a book publishing house focusing on the genealogy research and writings of John R. Mayer.
Acronyms and Abbreviations
There are many acroymns and abbreviated words unique to genealogy and family history research that may not be easily found in any other industry's terminology. Here are some of the more commonly used acronyms and abbreviations.
Glossary of Terms
Genealogy and Local History Resources.
Glossary of Terms
An Introduction to Descent Systems and Family Organization.
Genealogy Glossary
When tracing an ancestry it is common to encounter records filled with obsolete, archaic, or legal terms that can be difficult to interpret. Misinterpreting these terms can make the difference between linking persons to the right generation, parents, spouse or children. ...
Genealogical Glossary
Search Genealogy Genealogy Glossary of Genealogy & Family History Terms.
Kinship Terms and Concepts
A Kinship Glossary: Symbols, Terms, and Concepts compiled by Michael Dean Murphy.
Glossary of Genealogy Terms
A comprehensive list of genealogy terms, abbreviations and profesional associations.
Dictionary of Genealogy
Dictionary of Genealogy & Archaic Terms.
Latin Primer for Genealogy Terms
List of common Latin words found in genealogy records and their meanings.
Genealogy Vocabulary
List of terms commonly used in genealogical charts. Charts for Reference in Genealogy Research.
Glossary of Adoption Terms
When beginning the adoption process, it may help to understand some of the terminology that is frequently used.
Glossary Genealogy
Nova Scotia Genealogy Glossary.
Genealogy Dictionary
This genealogy dictionary was borrowed from a page started by a lady named Dorothy E. Stanley, however the surrounding pages and links to this page are all dead.
Genealogy Abbreviations
Abbreviations & Acronyms for Genealogy - The Accepted.
Kentuckiana Genealogy
Genealogy Glossary A-L and M-Z.
Martin's Norwegian Genealogy Dictionary
This dictionary contains words related to genealogy. Most of the words are not likely to appear in a common dictionary.

Genealogy Encyclopedia
When tracing an ancestry it is common to encounter records filled with obsolete, archaic, or legal terms that can be difficult to interpret. ...
Genealogical Terminology - Abbreviations
Here we list some of the most common terms you will encounter as well as a few that are rarely found.
Glossary Genealogy
Glossary of unusual words found in wills etc.
German Genealogy Words
These German words and phrases, useful in genealogy research.
Danish-English Genealogy Dictionary
Norman Madsen's Danish and Swiss Genealogy - Danish Dictionary Page.
Swedish Dictionary Genealogy
English-Swedish dictionary for genealogy research.
Genealogical Word List
A Glossary of Genealogical Terms.
Genealogy Glossary
Sometimes genealogy seems to have its own language. Documents often contain phrases or words that are no longer used.
Genealogical Glossary
Family Tree Magazine - Genealogy Glossary.
Genealogical Research
Genealogical Abbreviations and Acronyms. Some further information about abbreviations and acronyms.
Genealogy Definitions
Definitions and Dictionary Genealogy.
Genealogy Abbreviations
Part of the Researching Your Family History Online For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition).
Genealogy Dictionary
Every man is a quotation from his ancestors. Ralph Waldo Emerson

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