Glossary of Family Terms, Lexicon, and Abbreviations

Family Planning Glossary
Family Planning Glossary! This tool is the Internet version of a glossary of reproductive health terms in English, Spanish, and French.
Gene family
Gene family - Glossary Entry - Genetics Home Reference.
Dictionary of Terms A-C
Learning Opportunities. Programs, Workshops, Classes, Resources, and Events.
Family maintenance Glossary
A government program that monitors and enforces maintenance, child support and spousal support under Court orders and separation agreements in British Columbia.
Working Family Glossary
As the nature of our work and workday changes, so do the words we use to describe what's happening to us and our families.
A Stepfamily Glossary
Definitions of 43 stepfamily terms and concepts - p. 1 of 2 - 43 definitions for more effective communication

Glossaries and Terminologies:

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