Glossary of Internet Terms, Lexicon, and Abbreviations

The Internet Acronym Server
A searchable database of acronyms and abbreviations and their expansions.
Trilingual Internet Glossary
Trilingual Internet Glossary Glosario trilingüe de Internet by François Mouzard, in collaboration with Andrea Caballero, Claude Lainé and Carmen Valero of the Translation Bureau.
Net Abbreviations (Zip file)
Free dictionary for the most popular Internet abbreviations.
CNet Internet Terminology
Cnet's searchable glossary with explanations of Internet and computer terms.
Internet Glossary
Roedy Green's Java & Internet Glossary.
Internet Terminology and Definitions
Internet Terminology and Definitions Prepared by Steven C. Perkins.
Internet Glossary
A Tiny Little Internet Glossary Courtesy of Great Basin Internet Services.
About-the-web Internet Guide
Internet guide for newcomers to the World Wide Web.
The Websurfer's Handbook
The Web-To-English Dictionary.
Internet Glossary
RFC 1392 Internet User's Glossary.
Glossary of Internet Terms
on-line internet training - Terms and definitions Glossary.
World Wide Web Terminology
A glossary of World Wide Web Terminology.
Glossary of Internet Terms (PDF Document)
Technology Tips: Glossary of Internet Terms.

Glossary of Computer and Internet Terms
This file is divided into two section. The first section is a glossary of computer terms, and the second is a glossary of internet terms.
The Internet Dictionary Project
A search engine for finding translations back and forth between English and several other languages.
Internet Dictionary
Cybertionary - your online dictionary for internet and computer terms.
Wordsmyth English Dictionary-Thesaurus
Glossary of Distance Education and Internet Terminology Compiled by Arun Kumar Tripathi.
Internet Dictionary
NetLingo has thousands of definitions that easily explain the Internet and the online world of business, technology, and communication.
Guide internet
BBC - WebWise - The BBC's guide to using the internet.
Glossary of Internet Terms
This Internet Glossary is growing. Terms and definitions are being added all the time.
Knowledge base
Much of today's business activity revolves around the Internet - from email communication with your customers, suppliers and employees, to the processing of information and transactions through the web. Dictionary of Internet Terms Dictionary of Internet Terms - Search for Internet Terms, Lookup Keywords, Browse Dictionary.

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