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Finnish Grammar
Suomen kielioppi - Finnish Grammar - Finnische Grammatik.
Finnish Grammar
This site is dedicated to novice Finnish speakers everywhere: Pronouns, Adjectives, Syllable Division, Consonant Gradation, Verbs, Prepositions and postpositions, Conjunctions, Derivations, Groups of words.
Finnish Grammar
Here you can find some main topics on Finnish grammar.
Introduction to Finnish
Basics Pronunciation - Greetings - Useful Phrases - Numbers - Days of the Week and Months - More on Finnish Grammar.
Grammatica Fennica
Vhael, Bartholdus Gabrielis Finnish Grammar.
The Finnish Grammar
Finland has two official languages, Finnish and Swedish. Only approximately six percent of the population speaks Swedish as their mother tongue. A small proportion of the Lapps speaks their own language, Saame.
Finnish characterized
Finnish has fifteen cases, an elaborate system of possessive suffixes, infinitives, participles, and enclitic particles.
thisisFinland Language
Information on the Finnish language and grammar in English.
Finnish Grammar
Finnish Grammar (1945) by Clemenns Niemla.M.
Finnish Grammar
A Finnish Grammar (1890) by Sir Charles Eliot.
Spoken Finnish
Finnish language Grammar by Sebeok, Thomas Albert
The Finnish Language
Finnish grammar and information on the language in English.

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