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Leçons de grammaire Le genre
Grimoire FRE 180Y. Leçons de grammaire. Le genre.
Noun (Nom)
Gender of the Nouns (Genre des Noms).
virr3: avoir expressions
Avoir is used in the impersonal expression ily a, which means either 'there is’ or 'there are.' Il y a is used to express the existence of a person or a thing, or to make a list or inventory of persons or things.
French Language
Beginners's French by François, Victor Emmanuel, 1866.
Lexique grammatical
Grimoire FRE 180Y. Lexique grammatical (cursif).
Glossary of Grammatical Terms
Glossary of Grammatical Terms (Multilingual) - English, Spanish, Italian, German, French.
Expressions with Aller
French expressions with aller verb language learn French.
Colloquial French
A grammar of colloquial French, with numerous exercises progressively arranged and paradigms by Massé, J. F. P
Savoir vs. connaître present tense
The irregular verbs savoir and connaître both mean 'to know.
Lesson 9 - Le temps (Time)
Whether time is the fourth dimension of the Universe - as suggested by modern physics - or a bio-physical process which makes events irreversible, it is a reality which nobody can reject !
Voix passive - French Passive Voice
Voice is a grammatical term which indicates the relationship between a subject and verb.
Voice - Voix - French Verbs
Voice is one of the five inflections involved in conjugating French verbs. It indicates the relationship between the subject and verb.
ta1: intro to tense, aspect, mood, voice
Tense is the grammatical term that refers to the time when the action of the verb occurs: past, present, future.
Compendious French
A compendious French grammar by Edgren, August Hjalmar, 1840-1903.
Temps littéraires - French Literary Tenses
Literary tenses are not used in spoken French - they have non-literary equivalents, explained here. For a definition of literary tenses and a description of where/when they are used.
Le Futur proche - Near Future
Futur proche - Near Future - French Language Grammar and Pronunciation Glossary.

taf1: futur proche
There are two future tenses in French, the simple future and the near future (le futur proche).
taf2: simple future: regular
The 'simple' future (le futur) is so-named because it is a one-word tense. In other words, its formation is simple because there is no auxiliary.
taf3: simple future: irregular
The 'simple' future is so-named because it is a one-word tense. In other words, its formation is simple because there is no auxiliary.
taf5: futur antérieur
The future perfect (futur antérieur) is formed with the simple future of the auxiliary (either être or avoir), plus the past participle of the main verb.
French Future Perfect ~ Futur antérieur
The French future perfect is normally used to describe an action that will have happened by a specific point in the future.
Conditional Sentences
Conditional Sentences: Real and Unreal.
French Grammar
A French grammar for colleges, academies, schools, etc. With a series of exercises by Janes, E.
narration: passé composé vs. imparfait
The passé composé is used in French in answer the question 'What happened?' On the other hand, ...
Le Passé - French Past Tenses
One of the most striking differences between French and English is in verb tenses.
Conditional (Conditionnel)
The conditional is a mood, which means that it serves to express the attitude or impression of the speaker.
Le Conditionnel - Conditional
Conditionnel - Conditional - French Language Grammar and Pronunciation Glossary.
tac1: conditional
The conditional is used to refer to hypothetical events. It occurs in polite requests and most frequently with if clauses.
French Conditional Mood - Conditionnel Conjugations
The future and conditional are, in my opinion, the easiest French verb forms.
French Conditional Perfect - Conditionnel passé
The French conditional perfect (also called the past conditional) is used just like the English conditional perfect.
Teaching French
"Our method" for teaching practical French by Godchaux, Rebecca; Godchaux, Joséphine.
tac2: past conditional
The past conditional represents, as its name implies, the past of the present conditional mood.
FGHOnline: Forms of the present subjunctive
If you have already reviewed the Uses of the subjunctive page, you probably noticed some pretty strange-looking verb forms compared to what you may be used to in the présent de l'indicatif.
FGHOnline: Present subjunctive
For those not familiar with English grammar, the word "subjunctive" is bound to be totally foreign. However, the subjunctive mood exists in English, too.
Subjonctif - French Subjunctive - Regular verb conjugations
Many students of French find that the subjunctive is very difficult to master, but hopefully this lesson will simplify matters for you.
The Subjunctive
The Subjunctive and the Conditional in French.
Subjunctive I (personal subjects)
Subjunctive with Personal Subjects.
French Language Grammar and Pronunciation Glossary
The French grammar and pronunciation glossary provides definitions and links to further information about each of the French verb tenses, pronouns, and other grammatical structures.

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