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Old Persian
Some critical and supplementary notes to his guide to old Persian inscriptions by Tolman, Herbert Cushing, 1865- 1923.
Persian names
Graeco-Persian names by Stonecipher, Alvin Harrison Morton, 1888.
Old Persian
Guide to the Old Persian inscriptions by Tolman, Herbert Cushing, 1865-1923
Ancient Persian
Ancient Persian lexicon and the texts of the Achaemenidan inscriptions transliterated and translated with special reference to their recent re-examination, by Herbert Cushing Tolman Tolman, Herbert Cushing, b. 1865.
Old Persian language
Cuneiform supplement by Edwin Lee Johnson.
Old Iranian Online
The term 'Old Iranian' is the designation for the sub-group of Indo-European languages which, between approximately 1350 and 350 B.C., ...

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