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Learn Persian free online with Persian lessons in grammar, Persian Courses, Tutorial, vocabulary, useful phrases, pronunciation and other Materials. Persian language resources to help you learn Persian vocabulary fast and for free!

Let's Learn Persian
There are two ways to show Persian vowels: With signs or letters. Short vowels come with signs and long ones with letters.
Persian Language Lessons
Persian ( Farsi ) Language Lessons - Quiz and Explanations.
The Basic Lessons/
This section contains the main content of our website. The following 32 lessons will help you learn the basics of the Persian language.
Easy Persian - Farsi Lessons
Easy Persian - Free Online Farsi Language Lessons, MP3 Music, and Chat.
Learn Persian - Lessons from the Podcast
Learn Persian with Chai and Conversation.
Learn Farsi for Free
Useful information about Farsi (Persian) online for free, from Phrases, ...
Persian is Sugar!
Persian (Farsi) Language Tutorial - Persian Rhapsody Audio CD.
Persian Language
Persian Language Learning Forum.
Persian Is Sugar!
Persian Language Tutorial.
Teach Yourself Modern Persian
Modern Persian Course.
Learn Persian (iTunes)
Learn Persian with Chai and Conversation teaches you conversational Persian in a fun and casual manner in weekly ...
Learn Persian (Spotify)
Learn Persian Farsi Easly, Effectly and Fluenty.
Persian Lessons
This website is designed to provide students with a simple tutorial for learning Persian.
Teach Persian (Scribd ebook)
Teach Yourself Modern Persian.
Persian of Iran Today
Introductory Persian language textbooks.
Persian Phrases
Persian Words and Phrases.

Learn Dari Online Free Learning Languages

Beginner's Dari
Beginner's Dari by Shaista Wahab.
Dari in Central Asia (in downloadable PDF format)
Persian, Dari, Tajik in Central Asia by William Beeman Brown University..
Kabul Persian Verbs (in downloadable PDF format)
Kabul Persian Verb Phonology Michael M. T. Henderson - University of Kansas.
Persian Phonology (in downloadable PDF format)
Diglossia in Kabul Persian Phonology by Michael M. T. Henderson - Journal of the American Oriental Society.

Online Persian-Language Resources:

Persian Alphabet OnlinePersian Keyboard Online
Persian Dictionary BooksPersian Grammar Books
Persian Learn BooksPersian Calligraphy
Persian Dictionary OnlinePersian Mythology Online
Ancient Persian GrammarPersian grammar Online
Persian Ancient PersianPersian Languages Resources
Persian Stations Online
Persian Learn Online
Persian Phrases OnlinePersian Translations
Persian Vocabulary

Online Dari-Language Resources:

Dari Alphabet OnlineDari Keyboard Online
Dari Dictionary OnlineDari Grammar
Dari Languages Resources

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