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Basque stands alone among the languages of Europe. Basque is spoken in the following countries: France and Spain.

Basque Language
Buber's Basque Page: Euskara, Language of the Basques.
Basque Language
The Basque language is an inflected language whose origin is still somewhat puzzling.
Sareko Argia
Weekly information in Basque.
Basque Language
Basque Language Resources (Available in Basque only).
Basque Language
The Basque language in the French state by Francis Jauréguiberry.
Buber's Basque Page
Buber's Basque Page attempts to compile information about the Basque people.
GeoNative - Minority languages on the map
Welcome to GeoNative! This is the site of Luistxo Fernandez, a Basque internaut.
Description of Euskara Contributed by Larry Trask
The Basque language (in Basque, euskara) is spoken by about 660,000 people (1991 census) at the western end of the Pyrenees, along the Bay of Biscay.
Basque language From Wikipedia
Though geographically surrounded by Indo-European Romance languages, Basque is classified as a language isolate.
Description of Euskara Contributed by Larry Trask
Known as Euskera, it is one of the most mysterious of the world's languages ...
The Basque Council
Council of Social Organisations that aims to promote the Basque Language

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