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Bengali Language Information
It contains main Bengali language features, such as Bengali alphabet, Bengali pronunciation rules, Bengali grammar and more.
Judges and Grammarians in Britain’s Liberal Pedagogic Performance
A Diglossic Approach to Colonial Bengal.
History of Bangla (Banglar itihash). Bangla, being a member of the Indo-Aryan languages, is derived from Sanskrit, and hence appears to be similar to Hindi.
Bengali Language Resources
Bengali language resources: Mumbai/Bombay pages (fonts, software, literature etc).
Bengali Poetry
Bangla kabita - Bengali Poem - Poetry Collection.
Virtual Bangladesh Literature
The history of Bangladeshi and Bengali literature goes back hundreds of years.
A Code of Gentoo laws, or, Ordinations of the pundits
From a Persian translation, made from the original, written in the Shanscrit language by Halhed, Nathaniel Brassey, 1751-1830.
History of the bengali language
by Mazumdar, Bijayachandra.
Bangla Language
Bangla Language next to Assamese, Bangla (Bamla) is the easternmost of the languages belonging to the Indo-European language family.
Viswayan - Exclusive Bengali
Destination Bengal - The Exclusive Bengali Cultural website.
Monarchæ Mogolo-Indici (Google eBook)
Monarchæ Mogolo-Indici, vel Mogolis magni Aurenk Szeb numisma Indo-Persicum Georg Jacob Kehr
Bengali resources
Sameer ud Dowla Khan - Assistant Professor of Linguistics.
Bengali language
Bengali is an eastern Indo-Aryan language.
Bengali Language
The history of the Bengali language (1920).

Online Bengali-Language Resources:

Bengali AlphabetBengali Keyboard
Bengali Dictionary OnlineBengali Learning Books
Bengali Learning OnlineBengali Dictionary Online
Bengali GrammarBengali Resources
Bengali NumbersBengali Phrases

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