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Language in India
Language in India is an Open Access Journal. Language in India does not charge readers or their institutions for access.
India-Indian languages
Facts about India-Indian languages.
Languages in India
information on India - Languages in India.
Languages of India
This section gives a comprehensive account about all the important languages of India including Sanskrit, Dravidian and the modern.
Ramayana Home
Ramayana is one of the great epics of India.
The Mahabharata
mahaabhaarata is the largest epic in the history of mankind. it originates form bhaarata (india) - the land of king bharata, son of duushyanta and shakuntalaa.
Ancient Indian Culture
Social, Political and Religious History.
Ancient Hindus
Alphabetic Writing Originated with the Ancient Hindus.
The Indus Civilization
1,169 illustrated pages by leading scholars around the world of the ancient Indus Civilization.
Peoples and languages
Peoples And Languages in Pre-Islamic Indus Valley.
Languages of India
List of languages of India. Ethnologue report for India

On-Line Dictionaries of India

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