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English-Punjabi Dictionary
This site provides an English to Punjabi Dictionary as well as a Punjabi to English Dictionary.
Punjabi Online Dictioanry
English-Punjabi Transliterated Online Dictioanry.
English-Punjabi Glossary (in downloadable PDF format)
English/Punjabi Legal Glossary - Sacramento Superior Court.
English-Punjabi Glossary
English-Punjabi Administrative Terms.
English Punjabi Dictionary
Punjabi Vocabulary of Common Terms.
Punjabi to English Dictionary
Multimedia enabled Punjabi (Gurmukhi and Shahmukhi) to English Dictionary.
Sri Granth: Punjabi Dictionary and Encyclopedia
Mahan Kosh Encyclopedia, Gurbani Dictionaries and Punjabi/English Dictionaries.
Punjabi Kosh Dictionary
Punjabi Kosh is an electronic dictionary that converts English to Punjabi and back again.
Punjabi Glossary
Some punjabi words shown in english on the left and their meaning in the right column.
Punjabi Vocabulary
Punjabi Vocabulary of Common Terms Organized by more than 80 different categories.
English to Punjabi Dictionary
Translate English words to their Punjabi equivalent.
Mahan Kosh Encyclopedia
The first dictionary of Sikh Scripture and books on Sikh religion ...
English-Punjabi Dictionary
FREELANG Punjabi-English and English-Punjabi online dictionary.
Punjabi Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
A Comparative Study of Data Structures for Punjabi Dictionary G S lehal, Kulwinder Singh - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Punjabi University, Patiala, India.
Glossary Punjabi
Glossary - Commonly used Punjabi Words - Some Punjabi Words Shown in English on the Left and their Meaning in the Right Column.

Punjabi Dictionary
Online English-Punjabi Dictionary. It is dictionary about English to Punjabi translation words.
Punjabi to English Dictionary
Punjabi(Gurmukhi,Shahmukhi) to English Dictionary:: ACTDPL Punjabi University, Patiala.
Punjabi to English Dictionary
Punjabi to English Dictionary, Punjabi Dictionary.
English-Punjabi Vocabulary
English-Punjabi Dictionary by Punjabi University, Patiala.
The Panjabi Dictionary
Maya Singh's ''he Panjabi dictionary.' from the Digital Dictionaries of South Asia

Punjabi Hindi Dictionary Free Online Translation

Translation Hindi-Punjabi
Translate Hindi Text to Punjabi Text.
Punjabi to Hindi Translation
Punjabi to Hindi Machine Translation System

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