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Sanskrit Dictionary
Sanskrit-English Dictionary.
Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries
This web page provides access to many of the Sanskrit lexicons prepared by the Institute of Indology and Tamil Studies, Cologne University.
English-Sanskrit Dictionary
Worlds first Online English-Sanskrit Dictionary. Sanskrit Dictionary is a bilingual dictionary that translates any word from English to Sanskrit and Sanskrit to English.
Sanskrit Dictionary
Wordlists Sanskrit-English. HTML-File.
Apte Sanskrit Dictionary Search
This is a Web Sanskrit Dictionary based on "The Practical Sanskrit-English Dictionary" of Vaman Shivaram Apte.
Monier Williams Dictionary
Monier Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary.
Sanskrit Glossary (in downloadable PDF format)
Glossary of Sanskrit Terms.
Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon
Sanskrit, Tamil and Pahlavi Dictionaries - Capeller's Sanskrit-English Dictionary (37,413 entries).
SriPedia Monier-Williams - Sanskrit-English Dictionary.
Sanskrit Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
S.V. Apte, English-Sanskrit Dictionary.
Amarakosha (Sanskrit Thesaurus)
Sanskrit Documents - amarakosha, nAmali.ngAnushAsanaM, or Sanskrit thesaurus.
Sanskrit Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
The Following is The Sanskrit Dictionary with English Words and Translation .
Sanskrit-English Dictionary
Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary.
Online Sanskrit Dictionary
This Dictionary is an attempt to build up a repository of Sanskrit words and meanings in a simple, easy-to-extend format.
Pali Buddhist Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Buddhist Dictionary - Manualy of Buddhist Terms and Doctrines.
Sanskrit Dictionary for Spoken Sanskrit
Spokensanskrit - An English - Sanskrit dictionary: This is an online hypertext dictionary for Sanskrit - English and English - Sanskrit.
Sanskrit Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Online Sanskrit Dictionary February.
The Sanskrit Heritage Dictionary
Introduction to the Sanskrit Heritage Engine design.
Sanskrit-English Dictionary
Wilson Sanskrit-English Dictionary (2011 revision).
Sanskrit Terms
Glossary of Sanskrit Terms.
Sanskrit Dictionary
Sanskrit names and Dictionary of sanskrit.

Tattoo Translations to Sanskrit,
Free Online Tattoo Translations to Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi for Names, Words and Sentences.
Sanskrit-English Lexicon
Wordlists Sanskrit-English. Text-File.
Sanskrit Documents Collection
Welcome to the compilation of Sanskrit Documents in Devanagari display and transliteration format.
Sanskrit English Dictionary
Monier-Williams Sanskrit English Dictionary.
Dictionary Of Sanskrit (in downloadable PDF format)
Sanskrit Dictionary for Students and Teachers.
Sanskrit-English Dictionary
Monier Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary (2008 revision).
Bilingual Dictionaries Sanskrit
English to Sanskrit Dictionary.
Sanskrit Heritage Dictionary
The Sanskrit Heritage Dictionary Version 223.
Sanskrit-English Dictionary
A Sanskrit-English dictionary, etymologically and philologically arranged, with special reference to cognate Indo-European languages.
Sanskrit Dictionary search
All sanskrit words must be in ITRANS format.
The Sanskrit words must be spelled exactly according to the the transliteration system, Harvard-Kyoto or Itrans.
English-Sanskrit Dictionary
Sanskrit dictionary. English to Sanskrit dictionary. Sanskrit to English dictionary.
Sanskrit Words Lexicon
Lexicon of Names, Essential Terms and Sanskrit Words to the S'rîmad Bhâgavatam and the Bhagavad Gîtâ.
Sanskrit English Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
List of Works and Authors in the Sanskrit English Dictionary by Monier-Williams.
Sanskrit-Russian Dictionary
Monier Monier-Williams. A Sanskrit-English Dictionary. New edition, 1899.
Sanskrit Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Dictionary of Sanskrit Grammar - Wilbourhall.org.
Sanskrit-English Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Monier Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary ,2008 revision.
Sanskrit-English Vocabulary
Sanskrit-English Dictionary.
Sanskrit-English Dictionary
A Sanskrit-English dictionary, etymologically and philologically arranged, with special reference to Greek, Latin, Gothic, German, Anglo-Saxon, and other cognate Indo-European languages (1872).
French-Sanskrit Dictionary
French-Sanskrit Dictionary and Interactive Grammar For Winword.
Sanskrit Dictionary
Sanskrit Dictionary has a collection of 5000+ words that can be used for day-to-day needs both spoken and written.

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