Sanskrit Language and Literature Resources

Sanskrit Alphabet
Sarasvati - Devanagari Alphabet.
Sanskrit Language
Quotable Quotes in Sanskrit Language from Indian Culture- Facets of India : Ancient and Modern.
Samskirta-Bharati's Page
Samskirta-Bharati's Page, the Speak Sanskrit Movement.
Download AsiaView Texts & Materials
Download & Install Tibetan Fonts - ACIP Standards for Simplified Tibetan and Sanskrit Pronunciation.
Sanskrit Library
The Sanskrit Library is a digital Library dedicated to facilitating eduction and research in Sanskrit.
Ancient Sanskrit Online
The College of Liberal Arts - The University of Texas at Austin.
Apte Sanskrit Dictionary Search
This is a Web Sanskrit Dictionary based on "The Practical Sanskrit-English Dictionary"' of Vaman Shivaram Apte.
Sanskrit & Sánscrito
Here you will find massive contents about Sanskrit language.
Ancient Sanskrit
By Ancient Sanskrit we mean the oldest known form of Sanskrit.

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