Breton Language and Literature Resources

Breton language and culture
A presentation of the newsletter published by the Canadian Branch of the International Committee for the Defense of the Breton Language.
Old Breton
The evolution of Old Breton fricatives and approximants.
Middle Breton
Middle Breton leiff, Middle Cornish ly 'Breakfast, Lunch'.
Best Breton Links
FROM WIKIPEDIA Breton (Brezhoneg) is a Celtic language spoken by some of the inhabitants of Brittany in France.
Breton Language
Breton – An Endangered Language of Europe .
Revivalists and native speakers
Revivalists and native speakers in Brittany and in Ireland: a paradoxical misunderstanding.
Breton Language
On the Gaulish Influence on Breton by Adriaan van Doorn.
The Breton Language?
Breton ( Ar Brezhoneg ) is a Celtic language like Welsh, Gaelic, etc.

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