Dictionary between Breton and English Translation Online

Breton-French Online Dictionary
Online bilingual Breton-French dictionary.
Dictionnaires et grammaires
Breton Vocabulare and Surnames.
German Online Dictionary
Online bilingual Breton-German dictionary.
100 words for the Internet
An English-Breton-French lexicon of Internet terms.
Breton Dictionary
The Alternative Breton Dictionary.
Breton Dictionary
Irish, Breton, Welsh, English, Welsh-Russian and Russian-Welsh Dictionary. Geiriaduron Cymraeg-Rwsieg a Rwsieg-Cymraeg.
Breton-English Online Dictionary
Breton to English to Breton Dictionary.
Breton-French Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Breton-French FreeDict Dictionary.
Breton-English Lexicon
Wordlists English to Breton Lexicon. Text-File

Other Breton Dictionary Translation

Breton-Dutch Dictionary
Jan Deloof's Breton-Nederlands Woordenboek
French Breton Dictionary
Le dictionnaire français - breton.
Breton French Dictionary
Breton en ligne / Breton online: Traduction de Français á Breton et Traduction de Breton á Français

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