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Early Irish Glossaries Database
The early Irish glossaries Sanas Cormaic (Cormac's Glossary), O’Mulconry's Glossary and Dúil Dromma Cetta ...
English - Old-Irish Glossary
In Dúil Bélrai has two sections: an English - Old-Irish glossary and a Verbforms database.
Three Irish glossaries
Three Irish glossaries : Cormac's glossary, codex A, (from a manuscript in the library of the Royal Irish Academy), O'Davoren's glossary ...
Irish-English Dictionary (Google eBook)
Focalóir gaoidhilge-sax-bhéarla or an Irish-English dictionary ...by John O'Brien,Edward Lhuyd.
Irish-English Dictionary (Google eBook)
The Irish Part. Focaloir gaoidhilge-sags-bhearla by John O'Brien (Bp.),Edward Lhuyd.
Sanas Chormaic (Google eBook)
Sanas Chormaic: Cormac's glossary by Cormac (King of Cashel).

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